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Advanced Diagnostics ADC260 Smart Pro Programmer for Mercedes Solution D755120AD



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Brand Model From To
Mercedes Benz GLS all all


Unveiling the Smart Programmer ADC260: Revolutionizing Mercedes Key Programming

The Smart Programmer ADC260 stands out as a cutting-edge solution, specifically designed for programming Mercedes keys with unparalleled efficiency and ease. This lightweight and user-friendly device, developed by Advanced Diagnostics, is an integral component of the Smart Pro Solution for Mercedes, offering a seamless key programming experience.

Key Features of Smart Programmer ADC260:

Comprehensive Solution for Mercedes Models (1996-2014):
The Smart Programmer ADC260, in conjunction with the dedicated Mercedes software module ADS2298, caters to the programming needs of Mercedes models produced from 1996 to 2014. This comprehensive solution, known as the 'Smart Pro - Mercedes Key Programming Solution,' ensures compatibility with a wide range of vehicles within the specified timeframe.

Fully Integrated System:
The Smart Programmer ADC260 operates seamlessly as part of a fully integrated system that includes the Smart Pro Mercedes key programmer, ADS2298 software, and the Silca slot key HU106S23. This synergy ensures a smooth and reliable key programming process.

compatible with the Mercedes keys from Silca
Model Chassis From To Buttons Key Type Silca Reference
A-CLASS W169 2004 2012 3 FSB3 HU106
A-CLASS W176 2012 2014 3 FSB3 HU106
B-CLASS W245 2005 2011 3 FSB3 HU106
B-CLASS W246 2011 2014 3 FSB3 HU106
C-CLASS W203 2000 2008 3 FSB3 HU106
C-CLASS W204 2007 2014 3 FSB3 HU106
CL W215 1999 2006 3 FSB3 HU106
CL C216 2006 2013 3 FSB3 HU106
CLA C117 2013 2014 3 FSB3 HU106
CLK W208 1997 2002 3 FSB3 HU106
CLK W209 2003 2010 3 FSB3 HU106
CLS C219 2004 2010 3 FSB3 HU106
CLS C218 2010 2014 3 FSB3 HU106
E-CLASS W210 1996 2002 3 FSB3 HU106
E-CLASS W211 2002 2009 3 FSB3 HU106
E-CLASS W212 2010 2014 3 FSB3 HU106
G-WAGON W463 2000 2007 3 FSB3 HU106
GLA X156 2013 2014 3 FSB3 HU106
M-CLASS W164 2005 2011 3 FSB3 HU106
M-CLASS W166 2011 2014 3 FSB3 HU106
R-CLASS W251 2005 0213 3 FSB3 HU106
S-CLASS W220 1998 2005 3 FSB3 HU106
S-CLASS W221 2005 2013 3 FSB3 HU106
SL R230 2001 2005 3 FSB3 HU106
SL R230 2005 2011 3 FSB3 HU106
SLK R171 2004 2011 3 FSB3 HU106
SLK R172 2011 2014 3 FSB3 HU106
SLS R197 2010 2014 3 FSB3 HU106
SPRINTER W906 2006 2018 3 FSB3 HU106
VIANO W639 2003 2014 3 FSB3 HU106
VITO W639 2003 2014 3 FSB3 HU106

Guided Procedure for Effortless Programming:

The ADC260 comes equipped with a guided procedure facilitated by the ADS2298 software. This feature provides step-by-step instructions, making the key programming process intuitive and accessible to both seasoned professionals and beginners.

Password Retrieval at No Cost:

One notable advantage of the Smart Programmer ADC260 is the cost-free password retrieval. The system calculates the required password in the background, streamlining the programming procedure without incurring additional expenses.

Token-Free Operation:

Unlike some key programming solutions that rely on tokens, the Smart Programmer ADC260 operates without the need for tokens. This ensures a cost-effective and hassle-free experience for users.

Components of the Smart Programmer ADC260 Kit:

Smart Programmer ADC260:

The central component of the kit, the ADC260 Mercedes key programmer, is a lightweight and user-friendly tool. Its key emulator simulates the original key to read data from the car immobilizer, ensuring precise compatibility with supported vehicles.

Silca Slot Key HU106S23:

The kit includes three Silca slot keys ready for programming. With features such as infrared technology and function buttons for lock, unlock, and boot release, these keys offer a high-quality replacement solution for Mercedes vehicles.

ADS2298 Mercedes Software Module:

The dedicated software module guides users through the programming procedure, showing unused slots to avoid overwriting existing keys. The software also provides the flexibility of choosing between standard OBD or emulator key procedures.

ADC2600 for All Keys Lost Situations:

For scenarios where all keys are lost, the ADC2600, available separately, is an essential addition. This further extends the capabilities of the Smart Programmer ADC260, ensuring a comprehensive solution for various programming scenarios.

Smart Programmer ADC260: Your Key to Efficient Mercedes Key Programming

Why Choose the Smart Programmer ADC260?

  • Seamless Integration: The ADC260 seamlessly integrates with the Smart Pro, making the programming process intuitive and efficient.
  • Guided Procedure: The Smart Pro software guides you through each step of the programming procedure, ensuring accuracy and minimizing the risk of errors.
  • No Tokens Needed: Unlike other Mercedes key programming solutions, the ADC260 does not require tokens, eliminating additional costs.
  • Password Retrieval at No Cost: The password needed for programming is retrieved at no cost, further reducing your expenses.
  • Quality Replacement Keys: The included Silca HU106S23 slot keys are high-quality replacements that offer exceptional performance and durability.
Features that Make the Difference:

Key Emulator:

The ADC260 features a key emulator that simulates an original key to read data from the car's immobilizer, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Mercedes models.

Infrared Base Station:

The base station features an infrared slot for key reading and writing, providing a stable and reliable connection.

USB Connectivity:

The ADC260 connects to the Smart Pro via USB, making it easy to set up and use.

How to Program a Mercedes Key with Smart Pro:

Follow these step-by-step instructions to efficiently program your Mercedes key and make the most of the cutting-edge features offered by this innovative solution.

  1. Step 1: Purchase the Smart Programmer ADC260 Kit. Ensure you have the Smart Programmer ADC260 kit, including the ADC260 device, three Silca HU106S23 slot keys, and the necessary cables.
  2. Step 2: Connect the ADC260 to the Smart Pro. Establish a connection between the Smart Programmer ADC260 and the Smart Pro. The seamless integration ensures an intuitive and efficient programming process.
  3. Step 3: Install the ADS2298 Software. Install the dedicated ADS2298 software on your Smart Pro device. This software is crucial for guiding you through the entire programming procedure.
  4. Step 4: Follow On-Screen Instructions. With the Smart Programmer ADC260 and Smart Pro connected, follow the on-screen instructions provided by the ADS2298 software. The guided procedure ensures accuracy, minimizing the risk of errors.
  5. Step 5: Program Your Mercedes Keys. Utilize the key emulator feature of the ADC260, simulating the original key to read data from the car's immobilizer. Take advantage of the Infrared Base Station for stable and reliable key reading and writing.
  6. Step 6: Enjoy the Benefits. Experience the efficiency and affordability of the ADC260, a valuable investment for any professional involved in programming Mercedes keys. Enhance customer satisfaction, expand your service offerings, and boost your revenue.

Troubleshooting Smart Pro Mercedes Software: Quick Guide

Facing issues with your Smart Pro Mercedes software? Follow these steps for a quick resolution:

  1. Check System Requirements: Verify your device meets the necessary system requirements for Smart Pro Mercedes software.
  2. Verify Internet Connection: Ensure a stable Internet connection for password retrieval and updates.
  3. Update Software: Keep your software updated to access the latest features and fixes.
  4. Restart Devices: Power off and restart both the Smart Pro and your device for a quick refresh.
  5. Check for Error Messages: Note any error messages and refer to resources for solutions.
  6. Verify Software License: Confirm proper licensing and activation.
  7. Reinstall Software: Uninstall and reinstall the software to fix corrupted files.
  8. Check for Hardware Issues: Inspect hardware components for damage.
  9. Contact Customer Support: Reach out to Advanced Diagnostics support if issues persist.

Community Forums and Resources:

Explore online forums and resources for shared solutions.

Benefits of Using the Smart Programmer ADC260:

  • Saves Time and Money: The ADC260's efficiency and affordability make it a valuable investment for any professional who programs Mercedes keys.
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction: By offering a faster and more convenient programming experience, the ADC260 can help you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Expands Your Service Offerings: With the ADC260, you can add Mercedes key programming to your services, attracting new customers and boosting your revenue.

Getting Started with the Smart Programmer ADC260:

  1. Purchase the Smart Programmer ADC260 kit. The kit includes the ADC260 device, three Silca HU106S23 slot keys for Infrared slot key reading and writing, and the necessary cables.
  2. Connect the ADC260 to the Smart Pro.
  3. Install the ADS2298 software on the Smart Pro.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to program your Mercedes keys.

With its user-friendly design and advanced features, the Smart Programmer ADC260 is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to program Mercedes keys quickly, easily, and affordably. Whether you're a professional locksmith or an automotive technician, the ADC260 can help you streamline your workflow and improve your bottom line.

Programming Mercedes Keys without the Original Key:

The Smart Programmer ADC260 goes beyond standard programming capabilities by providing a solution for scenarios where all keys are lost. With the addition of ADC2600, available separately, this advanced tool ensures a comprehensive key programming solution even when the original key is not available. This feature enhances the versatility of the Smart Programmer ADC260, making it an ideal choice for various programming scenarios.


The Smart Programmer ADC260 stands out as a sophisticated and reliable tool. Its fully integrated system, guided procedures, and advanced features make it a must-have for automotive professionals looking to streamline key programming processes. With the ADC260, Advanced Diagnostics continues to push the boundaries of innovation, offering a solution that combines efficiency, affordability, and user-friendliness.

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