"bundle" Lonsdor Bluetooth Smart Key Generator BSKG + 5pcs Lonsdor

Series Universal Smart Key PCB For Toyota Lexus FT20-3370B - FT20-5290B - FT03-0120B6 - FT22-0780D




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Lexus All all all
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Revolutionize Your Toyota & Lexus Key System with the Ultimate Lonsdor BSKG Bundle

Discover unparalleled control and convenience with our exclusive Lonsdor BSKG Bundle, combining the revolutionary Bluetooth Smart Key Generator (BSKG) with a set of 5 Universal Smart Key PCBs for Toyota Lexus. Whether you're aiming for advanced key programming or seamless customization, this bundle unlocks a world of possibilities.

Section 1: Unleashing Keyless Control

Explore the BSKG's capabilities in generating spare keys, modifying frequencies, and customizing button layouts effortlessly, bringing life to your Toyota and Lexus keys with unparalleled ease.

Section 2: The Power of Universal Smart Key PCBs

Discover the compatibility and features of the Universal Smart Key PCBs, tailored for FT20 and FT03 models, ensuring a seamless integration process and hassle-free upgrade for your specific vehicle.

Section 3: Synergistic Advantages of the Bundle

Combine the BSKG with Universal Smart Key PCBs for a comprehensive key programming solution, unlocking advanced features, modifying frequencies, and enjoying seamless customization across various Toyota Lexus models.

Section 4: Effortless Upgrade and Integration

Experience a user-friendly upgrade process with detailed guides, and seamless integration with the Lonsdor APP for convenient key customization across Toyota Lexus models.


In conclusion, the Lonsdor BSKG Bundle is your ticket to revolutionizing Toyota and Lexus key programming. From compatibility and advanced features to seamless customization, this bundle has it all. Elevate your keyless entry system today and unlock a new level of control, convenience, and freedom. Order your Lonsdor BSKG Bundle now and be at the forefront of keyless innovation!

What is included in the Lonsdor BSKG + 5pcs Universal Smart Key PCB bundle?

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