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for Comprehensive Diagnostics



Status Aftermarket
weight 1.5 KG


Brand Model From To
Mercedes Benz All all all

Supported Mercedes Models for ESL/ELV Testing

ELV and ESL testing is crucial for ensuring the proper functioning of the steering lock system. The supported models include:

  • W204, W207, W212
  • W169, W245
  • W203 (3PIN)
  • W203, W211, W219, W209, 906, 639 (5PIN)
  • W202, W208, W212
Mercedes Benz Full EIS EZS ESL Dash Gateway ECU TCU ISM Test Platform

Supported ECUs for Testing

The test platform supports various ECUs, ensuring comprehensive diagnostics and functionality checks:

  • CR3.XX
  • CR4.XX
  • CR5
  • CR6
  • CR60.XX
  • SIM271DE2.0
  • SIM271KE2.0
  • CRD.11
  • CRD2.XX
  • ME9.7
  • MED17.7.X
  • SIM266

Additional Functionalities

The Mercedes Full EIS EZS ESL Test Platform also includes functionalities for gearbox ECU testing and renewal. It is compatible with VVDI MB Mercedes Benz ECU Renew Cables Adapters Kit, enhancing its utility and versatility in various testing scenarios.

Compatibility with Key Programming Devices

This Mercedes EIS Tester is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of key programming devices, ensuring broad compatibility and ease of use. Supported devices include:



The Mercedes Benz Full EIS EZS ESL Dash Gateway ECU TCU ISM Test Platform stands out as a comprehensive and versatile tool for testing and diagnostics of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Its compatibility with various models and key programming devices makes it an essential tool for any professional involved in Mercedes key programming, testing, or repair services.

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