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Gymkana 994 - laser Automotive Key Tool
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Gymkana 994 - laser Automotive Key Tool
Gymkana 994 - laser Automotive Key Tool

Keyline Gymkana 994 Laser Auto Key Cutting Machine For Car Key High Security And Double-sided Edge Cut

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TYPE Key Cutting Machine
COLOR Gray and Red

Keyline GYMKANA 994 - High Security and Edge Cut Machine

GYMKANA 994 has revolutionized the daily work of auto operators and transcription specialists.
With Gymkana 994 you can provide car laser key cutting service anywhere, anytime, and with maximum flexibility!

GYMKANA 994 laser key cutting machine GYMKANA 994 key cutting key duplicator GYMKANA 994 key cutting key copyingGymkana-994 for Edge Cut And automotive Laser Keys

Key Cutting Machine GYMKANA 994 Features :

  • High security for cars and double-sided edge Key Cutting Service
  • Discounts by code or key duplicator
  • All-in-one self-aligning universal jaw
  • Single cutter and tracker
  • No adapters or tip stops needed
  • Faster boot up
  • A high-quality machine at a low price

Why USE Keyline GYMKANA 994
  • Faster software loading, intuitive screen prompts
  • Software updates are easily performed via USB memory or the Internet

Gymkana 994 Key Cutting Machine

  • Very easy to use!
  • Create electronic key by code, copy, or by specific depths
  • Universal self-aligning clamp
  • Insert the key near the line of sight - Gymkana will find the key!
  • Do the main self-centers while tightening the clamp
  • The Z-axis (vertical movement) of the cutter/tracker eliminates wasted steps
  • Cut-out and mass-tracking are used for both high-security electronic keys and cut-off keys
  • No adapters, no stops, nothing to change on the majority of vehicles*
  • There are a few exceptions due to the manufacturer's key designs
  • Additional jaws are available if needed
  • Complete Vehicle Database Found in Offroad Console - All Vehicle Models
  • Software updates are simple - just choose one of the options
  • Ethernet connection that only requires 4 easy steps to screen
  • USB drive using a computer
  • Compact design - what car dealers want, saves workbench space
  • Exclusive technology - proprietary LIGER software
  • Faster loading, color touch screen
  • Intuitive step-by-step screen prompts
  • EASY TO USE WITH EXTRA SECURITY FEATURES - Large workspace makes it easy to insert keys.
    Install a double-sided edge key cutting service wrench, and Gymkana will cut both sides in one step.
    No need to flip the switch. A clear safety shield and cutter tray reduce chip dispersal.
    The safety shield must be closed to operate the machine for your safety and Gymkana 994 reminds you if necessary.
  • Cutter and shaft speed can be adjusted to adapt to the most diverse keys and materials
  • The US manufacturer's technical support team is eager and ready to assist with technical support, repairs, or questions regarding the machine
Universal Clamp
The Z-axis allows a new universal clamp to self-align (work with 994 Laser A/B/C/D/F/G clamp applications)
Optional Clamp for 6-Piece Tibbe OPZ09523B
No tip stops or adapters needed

Universal Cutter and Tracer
The tracing and cutting tool is used in high security and duplex cutting applications
It is easy to change and replace the 2mm carbide cutter

Ergonomic Design
The user-friendly design features a large safety shield and mounting bracket for console or tablet
The chip tray can be easily removed to dispose of the chips

Versatile and versatile
Perfect for in-store or mobile operations
An Android software app is also available for maximum versatility

Unlimited access and dynamic user interface:
With its compact, ergonomic design and external power supply, the Gymkana 994 is easy to carry and can be used in a variety of work situations.
Plus, the bracket mounting kit can cut keys on the go for mobile security professionals.

Freedom of Action: Depending on the user's needs Gymkana 994 can be used:
  • In a standalone configuration with the Keyline X console: With its robust technology, the console can significantly reduce machine start-up times.
    Robust and suitable for all working situations, the console is powered by Keyline Liger software, which is synonymous with reliability.
  • In mobile mode, through an Android smartphone or tablet *: With the new smart app Keyline key duplicating machine, the Gymkana 994 is extremely easy to use, with simplified screen prompts.
    In this mode, the software is always updated, device startup times are very fast, and its functions are simplified; In addition, thanks to the Bluetooth connection, there is a wireless connection between the Gymkana 994 and your smartphone/tablet. +

New universal self-aligning U-clip: for most laser wrenches and double-sided cutting edge wrenches.
The Gymkana 994 is also equipped with a new Keyline V Clamp for Volkswagen's laser-cut keys, including the new four-sided keys.
For special keys, the following optional clasps are also available: H-clip for the 6-piece Tibbe system and S-clip for Simplex keys.

Exclusive Keyline technology and design: The spacious and well-lit working area allows folding switches and emergency switches to be cut easily,
While the area is always kept closed and protected, to ensure hygiene and operation safety.
The cutter and axle speed can be adjusted to adapt to the most diverse and innovative materials.
Changing the cutter is now easier, to reduce the margin of error.
Everything is combined into a durable construction synonymous with the quality of Keyline, which has always developed its products in line with the requirements of its customers.
Quality/price ratio without comparison! A careful selection of integrated technology makes it possible to offer Gymkana 994 at a truly competitive price. Try is believable!

Who is it designed for?

Gymkana 994 is designed to:
  • All car operators want a quick entry into the world of key cutting, thanks to a practical, dynamic and precise tool.
  • All the main specialists want to expand their range of services and offer, work in the most diverse places.

Supported Automotive Keys

  • Edge Cut Key
  • Laser Key
  • Tibbe Keys
  • Simplex Key


Machine: 48V DC - 2,5 Amp
Power Pack: 90/260V
AC - 50/60Hz - 160W
120W (35W in stand-by)1 USB; 1 LAN
Width: 300 mm / Depth: 440 mm / Height: 310 mmMainboard with iMX6 CPU
1 GB RAM, 4 GB memory?
High-resolution axes control
Widia ø 2.0 mm for laser, edge cut, and Tibbe keys
LED-lighted cutting bayUnified U clamp for laser and edge cut automotive keys
V for Volkswagen 2 sides and new 4 sides laser keys.
Optional clamps upon request: H for Tibbe Keys (6 spaces), S for Simplex keys.
3 axes, guided by stepper motors through interpolated linear movesMachine body 17,5 Kg
Console 0,8 Kg
Electric contact

3000-8000 rpm (variable speed according to the programs)

FAQ - Gymkana 994

Q: What is included with the device?
c. Gymkana 994 key duplicator high-security double edge car keys with the global standard
clamp. Tibbe 6-piece wrenches can be snapped with the optional H-clip.

a. Machine, control unit, power cables, tool kit, and manual.

Q: How do I know when a new software update is available?
A: Software updates will be available approximately 10x per year.
After you register your device, you will be so You are notified when a new update is available.

Q: What clamps do I need to cut the keys?
A. Gymkana 994 requires a universal U-clamp for high security and flange cutting wrenches,
V-clamp for VW and Jeep Wrangler, and Tibbe wrench H-clip 6-piece.

Q: What adapters do I need?
A. No adapters or tip stops are needed.

Q: How difficult is it to change bushings?
a. Simply loosen the nuts on the trolley with the wrench provided and slide the U-shaped clamp,
then Insert the new clamp and tighten the nut. It only takes a few seconds.

Q: Do I have to recalculate Gymkana every time I change CLAMP?
a. No. Once the clamps are calibrated, the Gymkana 994 retains the information.

Q: When I want to cut a key for a different vehicle, how do I know which clip to use?
A: Once all clamps are calibrated, Gymkana 994 will inform the operator when to remove the current The clamp is what clamp to install for the specific vehicle.

Q: What is the warranty on GYMKANA 994?
c. Gymkana 994 includes a 2-year warranty, excluding consumables.

Q: How much do software updates cost?
a. Software updates are free for the first 2 years (24 months)
After 2 years (24 months) you will have the option to purchase a software subscription to access a new code String or cards that have been added to the Liger.

Q: Do I need WI-FI to run GYMKANA 994?
A. The machine is powered by our Keyline industrial controller. The Keyline controller operates with coil Connectivity, instead of relying on WI-FI.
The complete key database is integrated.

Q: Who is it designed for?
A. Gymkana 994 is designed for all car dealers who want to simplify their daily operations with The fastest, easiest, and most reliable machine Keyline has ever created.



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