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Xhorse Condor XC-009 XC009 Key Cutting Machine

Xhorse Condor XC-009 XC009 is a Heavy Duty Performance Key Duplicating Machine Designed To Cut Standard Single-Sided Keys And Double-Sided Keys.



OEM Part Number XC-009
weight 15 KG

Product Description

Xhorse Condor XC-009 is designed to cut single-sided keys and double-sided keys.

Xhorse Condor XC-009 Key Cutting Machine

Xhorse Condor XC-009 is a heavy-duty performance key duplicating machine designed to cut standard single-sided keys and double-sided keys.
Condor XC-009 is a high-standard single cutter key cutting machine that works on battery power.
Condor XC-009 Top advantages:

1. Built-in lithium battery-powered (should cut dozens of keys per charge).
2. Only 10.8kg, can be a perfect tool for small shops, vans, and outdoor services.
3. The 4-sided revolving clamp to switch freely, providing you wider applicability, thanks to these two multi-purpose clamps, the auxiliary clamp on the left to place the original key, and the main clamp on the left to place the blank key.
4. The status indicator LED light is ideal for checking key cutting status clearly, and also ensuring the regular works in the dark.
5. The durable revolving hand wheel makes you feel comfortable while controlling
6. Ergonomic lifting handle, smooth and effortless.
7. The emergency switch is able to turn off the power in an emergency.
8. The space between two clamps is 95mm, which is able to cut long keys.
  • It can cut all kinds of flat cylinder keys for most bikes, cars & door locks.


  • In one single charge, XC-009 can cut up to 60-100 keys. 
Condor XC-009 Key Cutter Features:
1. The first horizontal cutting machine
2. Lighter weight, about ten kilograms, easier to take out
3. Two configurations with multiple options
4. Built-in lithium battery lasts longer
5. Four directions fixture to switch freely
6. Better design with a more beautiful outlook
7. Excellent material
This is nothing more than the most professional key expert around you

Condor 009 Parameter:

Motor rotation speed 1800rpm
Clamp space 95mm
Humidity 10-90%
working temperature 0-50
Machine size 285x175x180mm
Power 200W
Power parameter 12V-18V/3A
Motor Torque 1.2 Nm

Main Advantages:

  • Small volume; Lightweight;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Low noise;
  • Equipped with the brushless low noise DC motor.

Super Long Endurance
Six built-in 63Wh (2500mA.h) battery can continuously cut 60~100 keys;

High Precision
equipped with the micro-adjustable guiding device to guarantee precision cutting.

Solid and Durable
All-aluminum body structure; Manufactured by German-made DMG CNC machine.

Widely Application
Equipped with a 4-side clamp that can cut multiple keys with features; All clamp sides are easily interchangeable. 

Humanized Design
Low battery reminder function; 
Retractable hand wheel; Big clamp space, able to cut the big hand shank keys without disassembling the plastic cover; 
Streamline handle design brings users a comfortable operation experience.

Safety Protection
The emergency switch can be used to turn off the machine in any emergent circumstances.
And restart the machine after ensuring a safe operating condition.


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