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Keyline Easy Quattro Mechanical Key Cutting Machine

Easy Quattro key cutting machine for cylindrical car and cruciform keys protected from accidental overdose and equipped with independent brush switch



OEM Part Number Easy Quattro
weight 21.5 KG


Key Cutting Machine Keyline Easy Quattro (Clamp With 2 Faces) For Edge, Cruciform, And Simplex Keys

In the realm of key-cutting technology, the Keyline Easy Quattro stands out as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. This mechanical key cutting machine, designed to cater to a diverse range of keys, has garnered global acclaim for its exceptional performance and safety features.
Easy Quattro Key Cutting Machine is for cylindrical, car, and cruciform keys, with four-sided reversible jaws that provide a perfect grip and minimal footprint.
This system ensures the machine's safe starting thanks to the carriage's forward movement, protected from accidental overload, and equipped with an independent brush switch
Tempered tracker with depth adjustment and a plastic protection screen.
Since January 2017, the Easy Quattro has had a new, more functional, modern design that simplifies and improves the user experience during all trim phases.
Thanks to new high-tech components, Easy Quattro is more efficient, secure, and adaptable to any workstation...
Mechanical key cutting machines

Key Features:

Versatility in Key Cutting:

The Easy Quattro is engineered to cut cylindrical, car, and cruciform keys with unparalleled precision. Its four-sided reversible jaws provide a secure grip, ensuring a flawless cutting process for various key types.

Safety First:

A paramount concern in any key cutting machine is safety, and the Easy Quattro addresses this with multiple safety features. The machine is equipped with protection against accidental overload, ensuring safe operation. Additionally, an independent brush switch ensures secure starting.

Tempered Tracker and Depth Adjustment:

The inclusion of a tempered tracker with depth adjustment adds another layer of precision to the key cutting process. This feature allows for fine-tuning, ensuring that each cut meets the exact specifications required.

Modern Design Upgrade:

Since its redesign in January 2017, the Easy Quattro boasts a more functional and modern design. This update not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also simplifies and improves the user experience during all trimming phases.

High-Tech Components:

The incorporation of new high-tech components has elevated the Easy Quattro's efficiency and adaptability. These components contribute to making the machine more secure and adaptable to various workstation setups.

Advantages and Benefits:

Enhanced Ergonomics:

The Easy Quattro goes beyond just functionality; it prioritizes user experience through increased ergonomics. The four-sided reversible jaws not only secure the key effectively but also contribute to the overall ease of use.

Improved Key Anchoring:

One of the standout features of the Easy Quattro is its innovative jaws designed to allow better anchoring of the key. This improvement ensures a stable grip during the cutting process, resulting in precise and accurate key duplication.

Global Recognition:

Security professionals worldwide have embraced the Easy Quattro for its efficiency and functionality. Its reputation as a reliable and high-performance key cutting solution has made it a staple in locksmith workshops and security service providers.

cylindrical, car, and cruciform keysEdge Cut Keyfour-sided reversible jaws

Easy Quattro-Supported Keys

  • Edge Cut Key
  • Cruciform Key

Easy Quattro Parameters

Power Supply


200 W

14-1/2” x 14-1/2” x 9-1/2”

80mm HSS


Asynchronous, one-speed

42 lbs.

Cutter Speed

700 rpm

KEYLINE Easy Quattro Four sides, Easier to Use

Easy, the key-cutting machine for cylinder, car, and cruciform keys, is now available in the Easy Quattro version with four-sided reversible jaws.
This is not the only advantage that professionals will find in this version:
A product innovation designed to allow better anchoring of the key.
The new jaws make the Easy Quattro even more comfortable and straightforward to use
Increasing ergonomics and performance of a key cutting machine are already appreciated by security professionals worldwide for their efficiency and functionality


In conclusion, the Keyline Easy Quattro emerges as a cutting-edge solution for professionals in the field of key cutting. Its versatility, safety features, modern design, and high-tech components position it as a leader in the market. As security becomes an increasingly crucial aspect of our lives, the Easy Quattro stands ready to meet the demands of precision key cutting with innovation and reliability.

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