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Universal Modified LCD Screen Smart Key Remote Door Lock For BMW Knife Style

BMW Knife LCD Smart Key Remote Specification

  1. New design style ergonomic button
  2. BMW glass touchscreen
  3. Enter comfort at the car level
  4. 100 days of long standby
  5. Two-tone selection (Silver/Black)
  6. Hardcover alloy material
  7. BMW glass touchscreen
  8. Convenient entry function
  9. Car window lock
  10. Fully laminated glass touch
  11. Sensorless door lock, tail box switch
  12. Lift the windows of the car (Some Models).
  13. 15 minutes express installation
  14. Two OBD and PKE facilities
  15. Standby 100 days, comfortable entry 200 days
  16. 365 days of physical keys
  17. Change the car logo (press and hold to change the car logo)
  18. Anti-loss function
  19. Patented product
  20. Fill in the owner's information
  21. Exclusive patent protection

LCD Smart Key Remote BMW Knife Features:

  • 100% brand new and high-quality Modified key shell with LCD screen.
  • A professional locksmith needs to solder the remote control panel to the original key.
  • LCD switch functions: unlock, lock, and switch tail box.
  • Does not support a mobile APP key, no convenient entry function.
  • Suitable for all original cars with one key start function, but not suitable for all direct plug manual car keys.
  • Please confirm whether you have the key start function before purchasing. It is better to send a picture of your original key for confirmation.
  • Supported language: English

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