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xhorse vvdi mb bga tool bundle - Technolock
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xhorse vvdi mb bga tool bundle - Technolock
xhorse vvdi mb bga tool bundle - Technolock

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool Mercedes Benz Key Programmer + Mini Key Tool Device + 100 PCS Super Transponder Chip 11, 12, 13, PCF7935, PCF7936, PCF7937, PCF7938, PCF7939, PCF7946, 48, 4C, 4D, 4D(80), 4E, 8A, 8C, 8E, G, H + 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION

1099 $ 1275 $ 1044.05 € 1211.25 €

Available in KSA
Sorry, this product is currently out of stock.
TYPE Key Programming Tool
COLOR Gray and Black

XHORSE VVDI MB BGA TOOL Functions: BE key, read password, and prepare new key via IR.
2.NEC V051, V057 support on board get password
3.All NEC keys support on board write and erase
4.password calculate:support BGA keys,NEC keys(include 51,57version)etc.,work fast. renew EIS and ELV write EIS and ELV online generate key file
8.unlock ELV function will be released soon.
9.Renew other control modules function will support soon

What's new in Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool?
Power up super fast  !!!
Read chip super fast  !!!
Test frequency super fast !!!
Test frequnecy distance: 30 cm !!!
Based on mobile App via Bluetooth !!!

Top 6 Reasons to Get MINI Key Tool
1. We will send GL global version, it has proxy data, and fully replace NA/EU/SE before, and customer who bought old version, update to newest firmware via XHORSE update kit software is OK, it will turn out to be GL.
2.Newest Firmware Version: V1.1.6
XHORSE APP Version:1.7.4
3.Starts and runs very fast: (20 seconds to test frequency)
4. Smaller, lighter, and portable.
5.Free with ID48 96bit function, Toyota H transponder generation.
6.Xhorse APP
Language: English, Spanish, French, Thai, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Hebrew, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese
7.Support renew key function now, but you need to have a programming cable.

VVDI Mini Key Tool is the latest key cloning device for the 2019 year.
> Key Cloning ID46/ID4D/ID48/ID4C/ID72/ID70
> Generate various car remotes
> Copy fixed code remotes
> Check the remote frequency
> ID/IC Clone

3 colors are optional: red, green, orange. Color sent randomly

Comprehensive functions, support remote and chip programming. 

Integrated most existing mainstream data for remote and chip.

Language: English Chinese Spanish French Hindi Hebrew Italian Thai Polish Portuguese Korean and Indonesian

The following options needs vvdi smart remotes:
+ vw golf vii (2012-2015) remote/keyless go mqb48 434mhz
+ vw polo (2014-2017) remote mqb48 434mhz
+ vw tiguan (2013+) remote/keyless go mqb48 434mhz
+ vw passat b8 keyless go mqb48 434mhz
+ skoda otiavia (2013+) remote/ketless go mqb48 434mhz
+ skoda febia (2014+) remote/keyless go mqb48 434mhz
+ seat leon (2012+) remote/keyless go mqb48 434mhz
+ seat ibiza (2016+) remote/keyless go mqb48 434mhz

MINI KEY TOOL V1.1.9 New Update (2020-01-03)
 1.Add Access Card Clone (APP->Special Function->IC/ID Clone)
2. Add BMW HUF5767 Renew
3. Bug Fixed
Mini Key Tool Function Introduction:

It has the ability to clone ID4C/4D, 46, 48, ID70, ID72 and can adapt to future updates.

It can also generate remotes for various car brands by connecting the mini key tool with the VVDI Mobile App available on both Android & iOS mobiles.

Transponder cloning:
Supports 46 42 4D 4E 11 33 8C 83 etc transponder cloning 

Transponder Generating: 
Support TP transponder & parts of special transponder
more than 700 vehicle models, reduce the stock of transponders efficiently.

Remote Cloning: 
Support the HCS/Fixed code cloning, support non-HCS rolling code cloning, support PT22XX, LX918, HT6P20, VD5026, AX5326, HT12X fixed code editing.

Remote Generate:
Support 128 brands, over 2000 vehicle models. Generate

more abundant and thorough key pictures, transponder types, key blanks, and remote matching data.

Frequency Test:
Support the power test within the range of 300-450Mhz.

Garage Remote Generating:
Support more than 100 types 
Toyota H Transponder:
Activate Toyota H transponder generation function

ID48 96 bit Transponder Online Calculation:
Special Functions:
Updated remote renew function 
Updated IC/ID Clone function 

VVDI Mini Key Tool Full Authorization (already activated):

  • AI - Car Remote Type
  • AI - Key Blade Type
  • AI - PIN Code
  • Remote - Vehicle Remote
  • Remote - Garage Remote
  • Remote -Proximity Remote
  • Generate Transponder - 7935/46/4D/48/8C
  • Generate Transponder - Toyota H (8A)
  • Transponder Clone - ID48 (96 bits)
  • Transponder Clone - ID46
  • Transponder Clone - ID4D
  • Transponder Clone - ID4E
  • Transponder Clone - ID70/ 83
  • Transponder Clone - ID11/ 12/ 13/ 4C/ 8C
  • Transponder Clone - Toyota/ Daihatsu G
  • Transponder Clone - Toyota H (8A)
  • Transponder Clone - ID33/42
  • Transponder Edit - 11/12/13/4C
  • Transponder Edit - 46/47/48/4D/4E
  • Remote Clone - Fix Code
  • Remote Clone - Rolling Code
  • Remote Clone - Make New
  • Detect Remote Frequency
  • Set Type of VVDI Super Transponder
  • VVDI Special TP
  • Special 4D to 4C
  • Unlock Toyota Smart Key
  • ID63 to ID83
  • Hyundai/Kia PIN Code
  • Copy BYD Smart Key
  • Detect Ignition Coil Signal
  • Online Technical Support
  • Technical Center
  • Video Center
  • History

Login Xhorse APP, connect the device by Bluetooth, enter device & History'to combine device. 

Mini Keytool Parameters:

LCD Size2.4’
LCD resolution320*240
Extra Power5V/1A
Usage Time≥10 Hours
Product Size108x194x28mm
Charge Current1A
Battery Capacity150mAh
Power  600mW
Battery Voltage 3.6-4.2V


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