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For Audi A8 Bentley Porsche Cayenne Volkswagen Touareg Phaeton 00288 Codes



weight 0.05 KG


Brand Model From To
Audi all all all
Porsche all all all
Volkswagen all all all

Car Steering Lock Emulator Motor Relay for Audi A8 for Bentley for VW Touareg Phaeton for Porsche Cayenne

Column lock simulator is suitable for Bentley Phaeton for Audi A8 for VW Touareg for Porsche Cayenne. It is more stable to cancel the vulnerable motor relay. You only need to lead the original car’s CPU to the new board without matching (because the bolt will not be fixed after the motor is cancelled. Prevent running and lock the room pipe, so there is a black cylinder inside and put it in the lock tongue)

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