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Original VCM II PRO V280.21 Multi-language OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

for Ford UCDS V101 and Mazda IDS V94



weight 1.2 KG


Brand Model From To
Ford Fusion all all
MAZDA CX-30 all all


VCM II PRO Diagnostic Tool: Diagnose and Repair Your Ford or Mazda Vehicle

In today's dynamic Gulf Region automotive industry, locksmiths require cutting-edge diagnostic tools to meet the demands of modern vehicles. It is introducing VCM II PRO, a revolutionary solution designed specifically for locksmith professionals. This guide explores its features, benefits, and applications, demonstrating how it empowers locksmiths in delivering efficient and reliable services.

VCM II PRO: The Ultimate Diagnostic Tool for Locksmiths

VCM II PRO is a powerful diagnostic tool that can be used to diagnose and repair a wide range of automotive problems. For locksmiths, VCM II PRO is an essential tool for providing accurate and timely diagnostics.

The VCM II is the new OEM diagnostic tool. It provides dealer-level diagnostics using IDS software. The VCM II is the all-new diagnostic interface for use with the Integrated Diagnostic Software (IDS).

The VCM II and IDS provide full dealer diagnostic capabilities for most 16-pin. The VCM II will be required for all new 2013 vehicles and is backward compatible with most 16-pin FDS. It supports a Vehicle Measurement Module (VMM) and a new Customer Flight Recorder (CFR). The CFR replaces the Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR). The CFR is an optional cable that allows the VCM II to monitor and record live data streams. This provides an advantage to technicians when diagnosing.

Multi-language OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

How to use VCM II PRO

To use VCM II PRO, connect it to the vehicle's OBD-II port and launch the IDS software. The software will then scan the vehicle's systems and display any diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). The locksmith can then use the DTCs to identify and repair the problem.

What is VCM II PRO?

IDS Version: VCM 2 diagnostic interface used with Onboard Diagnostic Software (IDS), a replacement for Ford V121, a replacement for Mazda V121.
High-Quality Material: The VCM II diagnostic scanner is made of high-quality ABS material, which is wear-resistant, high-strength, anti-aging, sturdy, and durable.
Functionality: Live data stream with record and playback functions for major ECUs, can read and erase diagnostic trouble codes. Easy to install, just plug and play, no other complicated operation is required, convenient to use, and saves your effort.

Features Making VCM II PRO Ideal for Locksmiths:

  • Compatibility with a Wide Range of Vehicles: VCM II PRO is compatible with Ford, Mazda, and UCDS Pro, enabling the diagnosis of various problems.
  • Detailed Diagnostic Information: Provides fault codes, freeze frame data, and live data for quick and accurate diagnostics.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: User-friendly interface suitable for locksmiths unfamiliar with diagnostic tools.

Benefits for Locksmiths:

  • Improved Diagnostic Accuracy: Accurate diagnostics lead to quick issue resolution.
  • Reduced Repair Time: Saves time, and money, and enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Customer Confidence: Builds trust through precise problem identification.

Applications in Locksmith Services:

  • Key Replacement: VCM II PRO enables swift key cutting and programming for seamless key replacements.
  • Immobilizer System Services: Reset or reprogram immobilizer systems efficiently for enhanced vehicle security.
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting: Accurately diagnose electronic and mechanical problems for efficient issue resolution.

Why Choose VCM II PRO?

  • Tailored for Gulf Vehicles: Specifically designed for electronic systems in Gulf vehicles, making it ideal for locksmiths in the region.
  • Multilingual Support: Supports Arabic and other languages, overcoming language barriers.
  • Ongoing Technical Support: Continuous technical support ensures locksmiths make the most of VCM II PRO.

VCM II PRO Ford Diagnostic Tool Functions:

  • Read and clear fault codes.
  • Read data stream.
  • Draw data flow curves.
  • System parameters.
  • Control panel programming.
  • Self-inspection.
  • Recording and playback.

VCM II Automotive Diagnostic Tool Features:

  • Software Version: V101 for Ford, V94 for Mazda.
  • 2PCB board design.
  • Diagnose, scan, airbag, key programming, ECU programming, and PCM programming via the OBD2 port.
  • Supports VMM and CFR.
  • Provides full dealer diagnostic capabilities to most 1996-2016 16-pin cars for Ford (excluding 24v vehicles) and 1996+ for Mazda.
  • Multi-language support: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Danish, Polish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Chinese.
  • System support: Win 7 and XP 32-bit.

VCM II PRO Mazda Diagnostic Tool Testable Systems:

  • Engine.
  • Automatic Transmission.
  • ABS.
  • Traction Control.
  • Stability Control.
  • Airbag.
  • Anti-theft, centralized door lock.
  • Instrument, cruise, suspension, air conditioning.
  • Electronically controlled steering system.

Installation of the Software:

  • FD (New Lincoln) and Mazda IDS software cannot be installed on the same computer simultaneously.
  • Install the Ford (New Lincoln) IDS/Mazda IDS software according to the default installation path without changing it. Disable or uninstall antivirus software before installation.
  • When installing IDS software, apply the initial version first and then upgrade (e.g., 110.01, then 110.02, 110.03...).
  • After successful IDS software installation, install the VCMXLoader boot software (default installation, select the Patch option in the Ford/Mazda IDS programming menu unless there are system errors; confirm and select "Yes").
  • Run IDS software with VCMXLoader (cannot start IDS software directly). IDS software runs only when the device is connected.
  • If encountering issues with online functions and password interface: Ensure ActiveX controller is enabled or installed; use the latest version of Internet Explorer as the default browser.
  • VCM II PRO supports virtual machines; Ford and Mazda software can be installed on the computer.
Difference Between High-Quality Dual Cards and Ordinary Dual Cards:
  1. The high-quality dual A card supports the latest official website software.
  2. Ordinary B version dual cards cannot use official website software; only original CD software can be used.
  3. Premium Multi-Language VCM 2 Diagnostic Tools.

Notice: VCM 2 Pro includes VCM2 and UCDS All Functions Diagnostic Tool.

  • It is not compatible with Ford BUS and TRUCK. Works directly with Original UCDS.
  • IDS software MUST START WITH VXLOADER after installation.
  • The package does NOT include DVD software; a software download link will be provided after shipping.
  • Supports virtual machine; Ford and Mazda software can be installed on the computer.

VCM II Package List:

  • 1pc x VCM2 interface.
  • 1pc x OBD2 cable.
  • 1pc x USB cable.
  • 1pc x CD-DVD (If CD is not included, please contact the seller for the software link).
  • 1pc x Carton box (or plastic box).
Troubleshooting tips for VCM II PRO diagnostic tools
Check the Connection: Ensure that the cable connecting the VCM II PRO to the OBD-II port in the vehicle is properly plugged in.
The issue might be due to a loose or incorrect connection.
Update Software: Make sure you are using the latest version of the IDS software.
Outdated software can sometimes cause compatibility issues with newer vehicle models.
Verify Vehicle Compatibility: Double-check that the VCM II PRO is compatible with the specific make and model of the vehicle you are diagnosing.
Using incompatible tools can lead to inaccurate readings.
Inspect for Damages: Examine the OBD-II cable and the VCM II PRO device for any physical damage.
If you find any, it's essential to replace the damaged components to ensure proper functionality.
Power Supply: Ensure that the VCM II PRO is receiving a stable power supply.
Fluctuations in power can disrupt the diagnostic process.
Check for Error Codes: If you receive error codes or messages on the IDS software, take note of them.
These codes can provide valuable information about the nature of the problem and help in troubleshooting.
Consult User Manual: Refer to the user manual provided with the VCM II PRO.
It often contains specific troubleshooting steps tailored to common issues users might face.
Technical Support: If all else fails, don't hesitate to contact the technical support of the VCM II PRO manufacturer.
They can provide specialized assistance and guide you through more advanced troubleshooting steps to resolve complex problems.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VCM II PRO Diagnostic Tool:
  • What vehicles is VCM II PRO compatible with?
    VCM II PRO is compatible with Ford, Mazda, and UCDS Pro vehicles. This compatibility enables locksmiths to diagnose various problems in different car models, enhancing their versatility and service capabilities.
  • What diagnostic information does VCM II PRO provide?
    VCM II PRO offers detailed diagnostic information, including fault codes, freeze frame data, and live data. This comprehensive data helps locksmiths quickly and accurately diagnose problems, reducing repair time and saving costs for both locksmiths and their customers.
  • Is VCM II PRO user-friendly?
    Yes, VCM II PRO features an easy-to-use interface, making it suitable for locksmiths who may not be familiar with diagnostic tools. Its intuitive design ensures locksmiths can navigate the software efficiently, improving their overall diagnostic experience.
  • Can VCM II PRO be used for key replacement services?
    VCM II PRO enables locksmiths to perform swift key cutting and programming. This functionality ensures seamless key replacements for customers, enhancing the locksmith's reputation for efficient and reliable services.
  • Does VCM II PRO offer technical support?
    Yes, VCM II PRO provides ongoing technical support to locksmith professionals. This support ensures locksmiths can make the most of the tool's capabilities and stay updated with the latest features, enhancing their diagnostic expertise.
  • What sets VCM II PRO apart from other diagnostic tools?
    VCM II PRO is specifically tailored for Gulf vehicles, making it ideal for locksmiths in the region. It offers multilingual support, including Arabic, overcoming language barriers and ensuring effective communication with customers. Additionally, its compatibility with various car models and continuous technical support distinguishes it as a top choice for locksmith professionals.
  • Can VCM II PRO be used in virtual machines?
    Yes, VCM II PRO supports virtual machines, allowing locksmiths to install Ford and Mazda software on their computers. This flexibility ensures locksmiths can use the tool in various computing environments, enhancing their diagnostic capabilities.
  • Does the VCM II PRO package include all necessary components?
    Yes, the VCM II PRO package includes essential components such as the VCM2 interface, OBD2 cable, USB cable, and installation CD-DVD. However, if the CD is not included, locksmiths can contact the seller for the software download link, ensuring they have all the necessary tools for efficient diagnostics.
  • How does VCM II PRO contribute to the locksmith industry in the Gulf Region?
    In the competitive locksmith industry of the Gulf Region, having the right tools is paramount. VCM II PRO empowers locksmiths with accurate diagnostics, efficient key replacement services, and comprehensive technical support. By investing in VCM II PRO, locksmiths can elevate their services, enhance customer satisfaction, and establish a strong reputation, ensuring their success in the market.
  • Is VCM II PRO worth the investment?
    VCM II PRO is a valuable investment for locksmiths in the Gulf Region. By providing accurate and timely diagnostics, VCM II PRO can help locksmiths improve their efficiency, profitability, and reputation.


In the competitive locksmith industry of the Gulf Region, having the right tools is paramount. VCM II PRO is an essential tool for locksmiths, offering a variety of features and benefits that can help them provide accurate and timely diagnostics, elevate their services, enhance customer satisfaction, and establish a strong reputation in the market.

VCM II PRO is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including Ford, Mazda, and UCDS Pro. It provides detailed diagnostic information, including fault codes, freeze frame data, and live data. This information can be used to quickly and accurately diagnose problems, reducing repair time and saving locksmiths money. Additionally, VCM II PRO has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use, even for locksmiths who are not familiar with diagnostic tools.

By investing in VCM II PRO, locksmiths can gain a competitive edge. By staying ahead of the curve with the latest technology, locksmiths can provide their customers with the best possible service and experience.

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