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Ford Focus C-Max Kuga ELV ESL Steering Column Lock Emulator

Electronic ELV ESL Steering Column Lock (ESCL) emulator – Ford Focus, C-Max, Kuga, 2012 and up Plug and Play, no additional programming necessary



weight 0.03 KG


Brand Model From To
Ford all all all

Electronic Steering Column Lock (ESCL) ELV ESL Emulator for FORD C1 Platform – FOCUS, C-MAX, KUGA, etc

LIN version (black connector), 2012 and up

For Focus C-Max Kuga Steering Lock Emulator
For Focus C-Max Kuga Steering Lock Emulator Overview:
The device emulates the Ford ESCL unit, compatible with Ford C1 platform cars (Focus mk2, C-MAX, etc) starting from 2012 and up.
The original SCL part number looks like AVON-3F880-Jx, the connector has 4 pins, and only 3 wires were used, the SCL connector color is BLACK!!!
In case you have a GREEN connector, you have older K-line architecture instead of LIN - this emulator is not compatible with K-line systems.
Be careful because both part numbers (for LIN and K) are printed on the SCL casing with a remark to plug color.
Plug and Play No Alignment Necessary

For Focus C-Max Kuga Steering Lock Emulator Light Behavior:

Led on Emulator:
Red SCL is in a locked state
GREEN SCL is in an unlocked state

For Focus C-Max Kuga Installation on Car:
  • Stop the car.
  • Plug the connector into the Socket.
  • Note that the original SCL is powered only when there is a request for status or command for open or close.
  • Emulator Successfully Installed.


  • pin 1: Not used (no wire)
  • pin 2: +PWR (switched)
  • pin 3: GND.
  • pin 4: LIN

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