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CF500 Universal Smart Key with One Button Start BMW Type
CF500 Universal Smart Key with One Button Start BMW Type
CF500 Universal Smart Key with One Button Start BMW Type

CF500 Modified Universal Smart Remote Key LCD Screen OBD Multi-Language for Toyota / Lexus / KIA / Peugeot / BMW / VW / Porsche / Fiat BMW Type

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TYPE Smart Key Remote

CF500 LCD Touch Screen Smart Key Fob Universal Car Remote Support Multi-language

Multilingual Spanish Blue CF500 Modified Universal Smart Remote LCD Screen. Suitable for all original cars with a one-key start function, not suitable for all manual direct-plug car keys.

Advantages of CF500 (Compared to CF400):

  1. CF500 adds a standby chip, standby time is upgraded from 3 days to 10 days.
  2. A Newly upgraded ultra-high performance system, fully optimized software, reduces the interference of the original car key signal by more than 50%.
  3. More user-friendly software optimization, in the setting page, you can freely switch the signal strength gears, and the lock and unlock distances are easy to choose.
  4. On the "Main Control" page, long press the middle position of the car model for 5 seconds to switch the Car and SUV.
This product does not have a one-key start function, no need to hide the original car key chip, simple installation, and stylish appearance, There are four major

  1. Enter Comfortably: When you bring the LCD key close to your car, the car will automatically unlock and you can enter the car comfortably.
    When you leave the vehicle with the LCD key, the vehicle will be automatically locked.
  2. Automatically Raise the Window: For the models whose windows can be raised automatically by long pressing the lock button for the original car.
    After installing the LCD key, when you leave the car, the window will be raised automatically after the vehicle is automatically locked.
    (There are a few cars that are not compatible with the automatic window lift function)
  3. Anti-lost Design: The LCD key can store and display the owner's phone number.
    If the key is lost, it can be easily retrieved by a kind person.
  4. The Car Logo can be Switched Freely: The appearance is stylish and atmospheric.
    Long press for 15 seconds to switch the car logo.
Suitable for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Cadillac, Porsche, Toyota, Land Rover, Honda, Volkswagen, Nissan, Kia, Mazda, and other models with remote control buttons.

Easy to Use
  • Take out the circuit board of the original factory key
  • Take out the wiring harness equipped with the universal key
  • The corresponding wiring harness is welded to the battery position on the circuit board.
    Note: that the red wire is welded to the positive pole and the black wire is welded to the negative pole.
  • According to the schematic diagram, weld the connecting wire harness to each key function switch of the original car keyboard.
  • Insert the circuit board terminal into the port of the modification key, close the back cover, tighten the screw, and then insert the OBD into the car OBD port, and then you can use it normally.


1. The CF500 smart LCD car key is compatible with what kinds of cars?
Answer: This smart LCD car key is compatible with all cars with one button to start

2. Will this device break the safety of the cars?
Answer: our smart LCD car key doesn't change any original functions of the car.
The communication wire between the key and the car is still the same, so the safety is still the same as the original key.

3. How long can the built-in battery work, and how does it open the door if the battery is empty?
Answer: the volume of the battery is 800mA, usually it can work for 3 days, even if the screen can't display,
The physical buttons on our key can still operate the car for 6 months.

4. Will the original key be affected after soldering?
Answer: during assembling, you only need to take the original PCB board and solder the wires with each button,
So if you don't want to use our key, then you can remove all the wires and put them into the original case of your key

5. Time displayed on the key is correct or not?
Answer: Time display on our key is the data from your key with all the data collected by our OBD device,
So there might have some small differences due to the car being made in different years.
However, please go to the car shop to check if some normal information

Package includes:

1pc x CF500 LCD Smart Key shell
1pc x Charging Cable
1pc x OBD
1pc x Manual

Easy to use Comfort entry systemQuick and easy installationrecord owner's phone

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