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Status New, Aftermarket
OEM Part Number IKEYHY003AL
Frequency 915MHz
weight 0.045 KG
Buttons 4
Battery Type CR2032
Emergency Key/blade Included


Brand Model From To
Hyundai Santa Fe all all

AUTEL IKEY Universal Smart Remote Key Hyundai 3 Buttons P/N: IKEYHY003AL

Universal AUTEL IKEY Smart Key Remote Description

Autel IKEY is a universal programmable smart key that can replace smart keys for over 700 vehicles including those made by BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, Chryslers, Ford, Honda, General Motors, and more.
The Autel IKEY Smart Key is an OE-quality, multi-frequency (315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, and 905MHz) programmable smart key that supports two to seven-button configurations and features an excellent battery.
You can use the Autel KM100 key programmer to generate your desired Autel IKEY smart key in less than a minute.
Autel IKEY universal smart switch supports long-range frequency transmission (40 meters / 130 feet)
Autel IKEY is the Universal First smart key that offers the option of an electric vehicle battery charge button and an air suspension button.

IKEY Universal Smart Remote Key Features:

  1. Replacement programmable smart key for over 700 vehicles
  2. Compatible with systems using 315M/433M and 868M/915M frequencies
  3. Supports ultra-high frequency transmission (40 meters / 130 feet)
  4. Premium OE quality smart switch that meets or exceeds industry and regulatory standards
  5. Multiple and sequential pattern options will be available soon
  6. Sold individually, batteries not included (CR2032)
  7. Program with MaxiIM KM100 Universal Key Generator Kit

AUTEL Hyundai Key Remote Specifications

Manufacturer: AUTEL (AfterMarket)
Part Number: IKEYHY003AL
Buttons: (3) Lock, Unlock, Trunk
Type: KEYLESS GO / Smart
Frequency: 433MHz
Battery: CR 2032 Battery Panasonic

AUTEL Hyundai Smart Key Remote IKEY HY003AL Covered Models


AUTEL Hyundai Smart Key Remote IKEY-HY003AL Accessories

Key Profile: HYN14

Autel Aftermarket Smart Key Autel Aftermarket Smart Key Autel Aftermarket Smart Key

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