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Xtool KC100 Volkswagen 4 5 IMMO BMW Adapter Compatible for X100 Pad1 Pad2 Pro Pad3 PS90 PS90 Pro



Compatible devices X100 Pad1, X100 Pad2, X100 Pad2 Pro, X100 Pad3, PS90, PS90 Pro
weight 0.01 KG


Brand Model From To
Volkswagen Golf SportWagen 2018 2018


XTOOL KC100 Description: 

XTOOL Original KC100 for XTOOL X100 PAD2 to do VW4&5th IMMO. With KC100, X100 PAD2 can do all the functions X100 Pad2 pro can Fulfill. Also can work together with Xtool PS90/PS90 Pro.
XTOOL KC100 VW 4th & 5th IMMO Adapter Compatible for X100 PAD2 Pro/PS90/PS90 Pro 

XTOOL KC100 Compatible with: Xtool X100 PAD2, X100 PAD3, EZ500, PS80, PS90, A80 etc.

KC100 Adapter Functions:

  • Support VW/Audi/Skoda 4th generation, 5th generation, MQB key programming
  • Support VW/Audi/Skoda 4th-generation 96-bit online, 5th-generation online, MQB online key programming
  • Support BMW CAS1-CAS3++ key programming
  • Support Landrover (2015-) smart key write start key  
  • Support Fiat Viaggio, 500, Palio, and other models
  • Support BMW EWS2 EWS3 EWS4 key programming
  • Support Toyota/Lexus all smart key lost key programming without dismantling, can realize 94, 98, 88, A8, A9, 39 simulation key generation (require KS-01 emulator as well).
  • Matched Dashboard Type for 4th, 5th immobilizer of VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda: CDC24C32,NEC24C32,9S12, NEC24C64, NEC24C64 color screen, Jiangsen, NEC95320, NEC24C64 white screen.

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