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Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer EWS4 Adapter For BMW



Compatible with Manufacturers Xhorse
weight 0.05 KG


Brand Model From To
BMW All all all


Product Description
Xhorse BMW EWS4 Adapter works with VVDI Prog Programmer


Xhorse VVDI Prog EWS4 Adapter for easily reading & write BMW EWS 4 modules data. No soldering is needed just put EWS4 Module into the adaptor, tighten it, and then connect it to VVDI PROG.


How to use VVDI Prog EWS4 Adapter
  1. Put the EWS4 module in the adapter and lock it
  2. Connect VVDI PROG with EWS4 adapter, then connect VVDI prog with the computer
  3. Open VVDI Prog software
  4. Select Type Immobilizer, Brand BMW, chip EWS4 adapter
  5. Check connection diagram
  6. Click Read ID to identify the MCU and make sure that the connection is correct to avoid possible failures
  7. Chip initialization, make sure all chip type matches
  8. It has to match any of them, if not, it is connected badly
  9. Click Read to read EEPROM data and save it

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