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Xhorse Remote Tester Radio Frequency Infrared Reader



weight 0.02 KG

Xhorse Remote Tester Radio Frequency (RF) Infrared Reader Radio (IR) Support 300Mhz / 320Mhz / 434Mhz / 868Mhz Remote Tester Tool

Xhorse Remote Tester Signal Benefits

  • With a battery inside, easy to use and carry
  • The automatic switching function, save energy.
  • Fast signal detector of key frequency, infrared testing Benz Key fast.

Xhorse Remote Tester Tool For Radio remote Frequency Tester Infrared

Xhorse RF/IR Remote Tester Frequency Tester Range:

  1. 300Mhz 320hz
  2. 434Mhz


How does the Xhorse Remote Tester test frequency?

  • Place the remote control close to the device
  • Press any button on the remote
  • The indicator that lights up is the frequency
Press any button on the remote

How to test the infrared if it works or not

  • Press the key
  • The infrared indicator lights up - good, off - bad

1- This device needs an extra battery, but the battery is not packaged, please get one yourself 9V Battery

Xhorse Remote Tester needs an extra battery
2- Now when you get it, it doesn't have the 868MHZ.
If you need the one with 868MHZ, you can handle it yourself

Xhorse Remote Tester doesn't have the 868MHZ Xhorse Remote Tester dimensions

Xhorse Remote RF/IR Package including:

1pc x XHORSE Remote Tester Radio Frequency(FR) Infrared(IR)

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