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Volvo C30 S40 C70 V50 ESL ELV Steering Column Lock Simulator Emulator Plug and Start - no need adaptation

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Volvo C30-S40 C70-V50 ESL ELV Steering Lock Emulator

You can use the S40 Emulator if the original SCL board responds to CEM requests.
So the Emulator can get some data from CEM/SCL connections.
  1. The plug of the ignition switch.
  2. The jumper on the emulator board is short (setup mode), and the line is connected to the LIN (green wire) between SCL and CEM (SCL pin 4).
    Please use the OBD plug (pin 16 is +12V and pin 4/5 is GND) to power the emulator (red and black)
    CAUTION: Do not use SCL power lines because CEM manages them (it only works when SCL is locked or unlocked.
  3. The LED is now red. Connect the switch - if everything is in order, the green LED should blink and all necessary data has already been received and saved.
  4. Unplug the emulator from the OBD socket (+ red/black -), and remove the solder connection from the Jumper (working mode).
  5. Pull out the original SCL from the socket and plug in the emulator instead.
Importance: It is highly recommended to change the jumper state only when the emulator is not running.
If the jumper is shorted for a while when it has already booted into setup mode, the previously collected data will be lost (the emulator is renewed).

Original SCL connector pinout:
  1. Unused
  2. + (plus) YE-BU
  3. - (minus) BK-WH
  4. LIN GY-BU
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