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Universal Renault Laguna 2-3 2001-2008 Megane 2-3 Clio 3-4 Fluence 2-3 Scentic 2-3 Captur Latitude Steering Lock ELV ESL Emulator

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Renault all all all

For Renault Samsung ELV ESL Universal Steering Lock Emulator All Models

Renault steering wheel lock simulator overview:
The Renault Steering Wheel Lock Simulator is one of the most advanced ESL simulators available today.
The Renault ESL simulator supports Renault cars with a 500Kb CAN system and Renault's 250Kb CAN system.
To use Renault Laguna 2 immobilizer emulator / Escape steering lock 2001-2008 with 250KB system linkage on the Renault Universal ESL emulator must be soldered (this is only for Renault Laguna 2 ESL emulator 2001-2008)
Renault ESL Steering Wheel Lock Simulator is a plug-and-play simulator that needs no modification
The Renault ESL unit in Renault vehicles is prone to failure. Most Renault users have a steering lock error problem. Still, Renault Samsung Universal Steering Lock Emulator can be used to eliminate the need for costly replacements.
Renault universal steering lock simulator requires no coding, connection, or forgetting.
Suppose you want to transfer the Renault Megane Steering Lock Simulator to another vehicle to diagnose a fault. The Renault Megane Steering Lock Bypass Simulator can be connected to another car without coding.
Renault Megane ESL Steering Lock Simulator features one easy-to-connect plug to simplify installation.

For the Renault steering lock simulator light behavior
When you short the jumper, the LED turns green.

The Red modification is Clio III - Clio IV / Laguna-III
Megane 2 - Megane 3 / Fluence 2 - Fluence 3 Scenic 2 - Scenic 3 / Captur / Latitude

Supported Renault Steering Lock Emulator

  • Renault Laguna III
  • Renault Megane II
  • Renault Megane III
  • Renault Clio III
  • Renault Clio IV
  • Renault Fluence II
  • Renault Fluence III
  • Renault Scenic II
  • Renault Scenic III
  • Renault Captur
  • Renault Latitude
  • Dacia
Plug and Play No Need for Adaptation

For Renault  / Escape Shorted Jumper 250Kb CAN Systems  2001 and 2008 Model

For Renault Other Models Non-Shorted Jumper

500Kb CAN systems Renault Laguna III / Megane II - Megane III Clio III - Clio IV / Fluence II - Fluence III
Scenic II - Scenic III / Captur / Latitude / Dacia
Plug and Play No Need for Adaptation

Emulator All Models Plug and Play No Need for AdaptationUniversal Car Emulator Immobiliser Solutions  Car Testing Tools Equipment and ESL ELV EZS Emulators  ELV Steering Column LOCK Emulator CAS Repair Fix  High Decoder ignition Canbus Gateway Emulator Simulator

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