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For BMW E60 E87 E90 3 Series 5 Series / Mini Cooper Steering Lock Emulator ELV / ESL Plug & Play No Need Adaptation

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For BMW E60 E87 E90 3 Series 5 Series / Mini Cooper ESL ELV Steering Lock Emulator

BMW Emulator / Mini Cooper Steering Lock Emulator Overview:
Once you get the BMW ELV error, you must replace the BMW Steering lock module and its code using BMW encoders.
BMW's Steering Wheel Lock Override System is the global BMW ELV bypass and the Mini Cooper ELV bypass.
The emulator permanently simulates the BMW ELV ELV (BMW Steering Wheel Lock Module) and you won't have to perform BMW ELV repair anymore.
BMW Steering Lock Simulator works with BMW E60 Steering Lock, BMW E87 Steering Lock, BMW E90 Steering Lock, Mini Cooper Steering Lock, and other BMW vehicles. (CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+)

The BMW ESL Emulator is Plug and Play and does not require additional programming.
In some cases, the CAS fault memory and counters must be cleared using the diagnostic tool.
THE BMW MINI ELV emulator works with 3 pins and 4 pins and both work.
The fourth pin is not needed because it is a mechanical drive voltage to power the ELV and the emulator do not require it.

BMW Steering Lock Main Features:

The BMW ELV Steering Wheel Lock Simulator will solve your problem as long as you have a defective ELV.

  • The BMW ELV Steering Wheel Lock Emulator will not solve your problem if you have a problem with the CAS module.
  • In some cases, you have to clear the CAS fault memory and gauges with the diagnostic tool after connecting the BMW Electric Power Steering Lock ELV Emulator.

BMW / Mini Cooper Steering Lock Emulator Supported

  • 3 Series
  • BMW E60
  • BMW E61
  • BMW E62
  • BMW E63
  • BMW E64
  • 5 Series
  • BMW E81
  • BMW E87
  • BMW E90
  • BMW E92
  • BMW E93
  • Mini Cooper R55
  • Mini Cooper R56
Plug and Play No Need for Adaptation
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