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Scorpio Barracuda Key Programmer And Renew Basic Device
Scorpio Barracuda Key Programmer And Renew Basic Device
Scorpio Barracuda Key Programmer And Renew Basic Device

Original Scorpio Barracuda Programmer and Remote Renew Tool

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TYPE Basic Programmng Device
COLOR Red And Black

Original Scorpio Barracuda Programmer Basic Device

Barracuda is a new advanced platform, which allows us to keep track of functionality, which is difficult to achieve with our current group of programmers.
Similar to Tango and Orange5 which will allow us to add new functionality and solutions without replacing any of our existing devices.
The device is intended to complement the Tango programmer.

Adapters from Orange-5 and Omega are not compatible with Barracuda.
The functionality of our current lineup of programmers will not interfere with the Barracuda programmer.
The first offshoot of the Barracuda programmer's features that will be included in the base software is HITAG-certified used car keys reset/renewal.
The list of supported types can be found in the table at the bottom of this paragraph. Each function is independently developed and tested.
New jobs in implementation and development processes.
New functions will be modular, some will be included in the basic software, others will require additional activation.

Several years ago we decided that we needed a new type of device that would allow us to continue to function,
Which is either impossible or would be very difficult to achieve with our current group of programmers after many iterations Finally,
We are satisfied with the hardware and the capabilities it offers us, so it's time to start spreading information about it.

Barracuda programmer from Scorpio-LK is a new platform that aims to complete Tango programmer in our quest
To launch powerful solutions for locksmiths and users working in the field of auto repair and vehicle maintenance.

Barracuda is a long-term project, in this respect, it is similar to Tango. Now with the bulk of the work for the hardware and software core Completed,
We will be able to focus solely on adding new features to both Tango and Barracuda.

Barracuda Scorpio System Requirements

  • Barracuda programmer
  • Windows XP / 7/8/10 PC / Laptop
  • 9-24V External Power Supply Adapter, AC to DC, 5.5 x 2.1mm Positive Center Plug (Not Included in Basic Version)
  • USB 2.0 / 3.0

Main Functions of Barracuda Master Programmer:

  • Scorpio Barracuda unlocks a wide range of used smart switches and remote controls
  • Scorpio Barracuda has a constant and free update
  • Scorpio Barracuda supports more than 196 smart remote keys
  • Scorpio Barracuda does not require symbols
  • Scorpio Barracuda has an easy step-by-step diagram
  • Scorpio Barracuda VAG Dashboard Calibration and Programming Scorpio Barracuda VAG for VAG MQB System
  • Programming Scorpio Barracuda all keys lost for Toyota H with the help of Tango barracuda Key Programmer ABK-2087

Scorpio Barracuda Package Contains:

  • Scorpio Barracuda Basic Hardware Programmer
  • Barracuda programmer base software
  • Scorpio Barracuda Master Programming Database HITAG Reset Module 1
  • Barracuda PCF Converter (In-Circuit and Expansion)
  • Barracuda PCF 1 cable (in-circuit, 2x alligator clips, 2x solder tips)
  • Barracuda PCF 2 cable (2x alligator clips in the circuit and 2x probe needles)
  • Barracuda PCF 7941 Adapter (For Soldering)
  • Barracuda PCF 7945AC Adapter (For Soldering)
  • Barracuda PCF 7952 Adapter (For Soldering)
  • Barracuda PCF 7953 / 45 Adapter (For Soldering)
  • Barracuda PCF 7953 38pin Adapter (For Soldering)
  • Barracuda PCF 7961 Adapter (For Soldering)

Barracuda programmer supports remote control and smart key unlocking up to version 7:

  1. Scorpio Barracuda renews Alfa Romeo smart key
  2. Scorpio Barracuda renews keyless Audi smart key
  3. Scorpio Barracuda renews keyless Audi smart key
  4. Scorpio Barracuda renews the BMW E Series smart key
  5. Scorpio Barracuda renews the BMW F Series smart key
  6. Scorpio Barracuda renews BMW G Series smart key
  7. Scorpio Barracuda renews BMW's Chinese smart key
  8. Scorpio Barracuda renews Cadillac smart key
  9. Scorpio Barracuda renews Chevrolet smart key
  10. Scorpio Barracuda renews Chevrolet remote key
  11. Scorpio Barracuda renews Chrysler smart key
  12. Scorpio Barracuda Renew Chrysler Fobic Key
  13. Scorpio Barracuda renews Chrysler remote key
  14. Scorpio Barracuda renews Citroen remote key
  15. Scorpio Barracuda renews Citroen smart key
  16. Scorpio Barracuda Refurbished Dacia Remote Key
  17. Scorpio Barracuda Refurbished Fiat Remote Key
  18. Scorpio Barracuda renews Fiat smart key
  19. Scorpio Barracuda Ford Remote Key Refurbished
  20. Scorpio Barracuda renews Honda remote key
  21. Scorpio Barracuda renews Honda smart key
  22. Scorpio Barracuda renews Hyundai smart key
  23. Scorpio Barracuda renews Kia smart key
  24. Scorpio Barracuda renews Jaguar smart key
  25. Scorpio Barracuda renews pocket smart key
  26. Scorpio Barracuda Refurbished Lada Remote Key
  27. Scorpio Barracuda renews Land Rover remote key
  28. Scorpio Barracuda renews Land Rover smart key
  29. Scorpio Barracuda renews Lincoln smart key
  30. Scorpio Barracuda renews the Maserati smart key
  31. Scorpio Barracuda renews Mini Cooper smart key
  32. Scorpio Barracuda renews Mitsubishi remote key
  33. Scorpio Barracuda renews Mitsubishi smart key
  34. Scorpio Barracuda renews Nissan remote key
  35. Scorpio Barracuda renews Nissan smart key
  36. Scorpio Barracuda Refurbished Opel Remote Key
  37. Scorpio Barracuda renews Opel smart key
  38. Scorpio Barracuda renews Vauxhall remote key
  39. Scorpio Barracuda renews Vauxhall smart key
  40. Scorpio Barracuda renews Peugeot remote key
  41. Scorpio Barracuda renews Peugeot smart key
  42. Scorpio Barracuda renews Porsche smart key
  43. Scorpio Barracuda renews Renault remote key
  44. Scorpio Barracuda renews Renault smart key
  45. Scorpio Barracuda renews Renault card
  46. Scorpio Barracuda renews Rolls-Royce smart key
  47. Scorpio Barracuda renews smart remote key
  48. Scorpio Barracuda renews Suzuki remote key
  49. Scorpio Barracuda renews Toyota smart key
  50. Scorpio Barracuda renews Volvo smart key
  51. Scorpio Barracuda renews Volkswagen smart key
  52. Scorpio Barracuda renews Geely smart key
  53. Scorpio Barracuda renews Haval remote key
  54. Scorpio Barracuda renews Geely smart key
  55. Scorpio Barracuda Buick Remote Key Refurbished
  56. More will be added soon...
The Scorpio Barracuda key programmer is the first in the world that can perform VAG MQB dashboard calibration and add VAG car key programming tool with MQB system for the following models:
  • Scorpio Barracuda Skoda Octavia MQB Johnson Controls Instrument Panel Calibration 5E0920861 E
  • Scorpio Barracuda Skoda Octavia MQB Johnson Controls Instrument Panel Calibration 5E0920861 A
  • Scorpio Barracuda Skoda Octavia A7 MQB Johnson Controls Instrument Panel Calibration 5E0920851 A
  • Scorpio Barracuda Skoda Octavia MQB Johnson Controls Instrument Panel Calibration 5E0920781
  • Scorpio Barracuda Volkswagen Passat MQB Johnson Controls Dashboard Calibration 3G0920741
  • Scorpio Barracuda VW Passat MQB Johnson Controls Instrument Panel Calibration 5G1920741
  • Scorpio Barracuda VW MQB Johnson Controls Instrument Panel Calibration 5G0 920861
  • Scorpio Barracuda VW MQB Johnson Controls Instrument Panel Calibration 5G0 920861 A
Note: All MQB systems required (Barracuda Jtag adapter Set ABK-4631 & Barracuda VW MQB JCI software ABK-4400-VAG-MQB-JCI)
Barracuda car key programming tool For Toyota H Immobilizer All Keys Lost
The Barracuda Toyota 8A All Key Loss Adapter solves the all key loss problem in Toyota vehicles equipped with all currently known generations of Immobilizer (Toyota H Immobilizer Gen1 MCU11910, Toyota H Immobilizer Gen2 MCU12xxx) for 128bit H Chip Immobilizer (Page 1:39, 59, 3a, 5a) for all markets (Europe, Asia, USA, Japan, etc.)
By creating a master key on the LKP04 Transponder chip without replacing or resetting the Toyota H immobilizer, during operation, the vehicle data is not modified in any way.

Barracuda Toyota H All car key programming tool Requirements:

  • Barracuda ABK-4400 Key Programmer
  • Barracuda H immo adapter ABK-4623
  • Barracuda H immo Activation Program ABK-4400-TOY-H-IMMO
  • Original Tango Key Programmer ABK-2087
  • LKP-04 ABK-4411. Transceiver
  • Toyota Tango Maker Program ABK-2087-TOY
  • Image Generator Tango Toyota H Activate ABK-2087-TOY-GENRT-H

How to install barracuda Scorpio :

Download and extract the latest software from our download section
Go to the extracted location and start installing Barracuda V02.exe
Follow the instructions in the window
Barracuda Help files are in Adobe Acrobat format (*pdf) to display what you need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader

How to install Scorpio Lk Barracuda Software Driver:
Connect the Barracuda programmer to the USB port of the PC
Connect the Barracuda programmer to an external power source
Open Windows Device Manager and expand Universal Serial Bus controllers or Other devices tab (depends on Windows version)
Select Barracuda Programmer in Device Manager
Right-click on it and choose Properties->Driver->Update Driver Software
Select Browse my computer for driver software
Go to the Barracuda installation directory (default location C:Program Files (86) Scorpio-LKBarracuda)
Select a folder according to your operating system (Example Windows 10 64-bit path is: ../Driver/Win8,10/64bit)
Click Next and the windows will finish the process

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