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Odo Master X300M for Odometer Adjustment Oil Service Reset

OBDStar Odo Master Full Version for Cluster Calibration / OBDII and Oil Service Reset



weight 6.5 KG

Product Description

OBDSTAR Odo Master's full version is a new Android-based 5'' tablet, specialized for odometer adjustment and oil service reset. Same odometer adjustment,
the system as X300 DP Plus. Free update online for one year, no need for tokens.

OBDSTAR Odo Master X300M + for Odometer Adjustment Oil/ Service Reset and OBDII

Distributor code: 0086A002
Free Update Online for One Year, No Need Tokens.
Support Multi-languages: English, Italian, Russian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, French
(Default language is English, it can be changed to another language but one time only)

ATTENTION: As for 2018 and up FIAT/CHRYSLER/ALFA ROMEO vehicles, please work together with the FCA 12+8 adapter, otherwise, it won't work.
Do not work on BMW, Honda. (Please pay attention to check the car list, if you are not sure, please contact us.)

OBDSTAR ODO Master is a new Android-based 5'' tablet, specialized for cluster calibration. It inherits the latest cluster calibration technology from OBDSTAR with various advantages of
easy-to-use, wide model coverage, fast operation, and durable features which can meet the actual needs of different users such as automobile repair plants and fast repair shops.


OBDSTAR ODO Master Highlights:
1. Strong competitiveness and industry advantage
2. Some models can support 18/19 years of the car (such as GM/Chrysler)
3. Add a new help function as shown below: (Applicable to some models, R & D information is being updated)

OBDSTAR ODO Master Functions List:
1. Via OBDII
2. Data Backup
3. Data Recovery
4. Read Odometer
5. Write Odometer
6. Odometer Reset
7. Oil Service Reset
8. Read & Clear DTC
9. One-Click Upgrade
10. Instruction Documents
11. Wide Vehicle Coverage
OBDSTAR Odo Master Functions

OBDSTAR Odo Master Vehicle Coverage:

OBDSTAR Odo Master Vehicle List

OBDSTAR Odo Master Specifications:

obdstar odo master X300M

Comparison between Odo Master & X300M Supported Car Models

Comparison between Odo Master and X300M
comparion between Odo Master and X300M

OBDSTAR ODO Master Package includes:
1pc x OBDSTAR ODO Master Main Unit
1pc x Charger
1pc x Multi-functional Jumper
1pc x Configuration List
1pc x Packing box

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