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Microtronik New Hexprog Chip Tuning And Ecu Programming Tool

Hexprog Ecu Programming Tool is used for Ecu cloning/ chip tuning and BDM functions (BMW CAS series, Porsche BCM, Audi/VW, etc), Mileage EEPROM



weight 0.5 KG


Brand Model From To
Audi Q3 all all
BMW 3 Series all all
Volkswagen Passat all all

HexProg Chip Tuning Tool And ECU Programming and Cloning Tool

Chip tuning, power control cloning, and other programming tasks require a high-performance tool in both hardware and software.

The Hexprog programming tool is built according to this philosophy, we took care of every little detail when we built the hardware and used our vast experience to make software that is fast, reliable, and easy to use.
A result is a great tool that can serve users to the fullest.
Attribute name Attribute value
Microprocessor RISC 32 bits 220MHz
External SDRAM Available
Ecu Communications Factory Mode (On bench), Boot Mode, JTAG, BDM, and OBD
Power Supply 12 to 28V
Warranty 1 year (Extendable)
Technical support 1 year (Extendable)
Major Accessories All Included

Hexprog Programmer Key Features

  • Master copy. Single license for all bench and OBD protocols
  • Supports one of the most comprehensive Powers / TCU Control Lists in cars and trucks For ECU cloning and chip tuning, check out the Hexprog Ecu List
  • Supports old and newer Ecus/TCUS systems from Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Marelli, Denso, Temic, TRW, and Valeo.
  • Reads every BMW Long ISN from BMW DME and DDE including MD1 and MG1 in F/G Series
  • Supports reading/writing of P-Flash, D-Flash, External Flash, and external EEPROM, helps automatic checksum for both flash and external flash
  • Users can order services like IMMO OFF, DPF OFF, EGR OFF, Addblue...etc online from the Hexprog website

Hexprog Portal

Hexprog users can use this portal to access online services and manage their Hexprog license
We have created a demo account, which you can use to check what real users can see
- Go to the Hexprog portal login page
- Use heexprog.demo@microtronik.com as your username
- Use micro ^ trunk as a password
Please understand that this is a demo account, you can just browse the services!

Hexprog Functions

On Bench Chip Tuning/Ecu Cloning

You can read and write P-Flash, D-Flash, External Flash, and external EEPROM with the option to debug checksum automatically, and you will have two ways in most Ecus:
  • Factory Mode: With this option, you don't have to open the ECU control cover.
    Just connect some wires to the power and signals and you're ready to go.
  • Boot Mode: Opening the ECU console to shutdown is mandatory to connect the boot wire to the console.
    This method is useful when the ECU console is not responding.

OBD Chip Tuning

Hexprog starts supporting OBD functions in early 2021, and it supports reading/writing the map area (virtual reading is also supported).
It also includes important functions of some ECUS, such as VIN Changing, Coding Backing/Restore, and Reading/Erasing Fault Codes.
Microtronik has extensive experience in all types of vehicle ECUS flashing and coding and we have published this experience in Hexprog to produce one of the safest OBD-driven programming tools available.

BMW ISN reading

We took the most important part of Autohex for ISN management and adopted it at Hexprog.
With Hexprog, you can read the long ISN from any BMW ECU including the latest Bosch MG1/MD1 ECUS from 2005 to the present DME/DDE.

BDM read/write

With Hexprog, you can jailbreak immobilizers such as CAS at BMW, EIZ/EIS at Mercedes Benz, BCM at Volkswagen, Porsche...etc.
Hexprog is the only tool that can read/write CAS4 without removing solder or cutting any part of the board.
The same in most immobilizers.

Built-in Editors

With Hexprog, you can edit various Flash data such as
  • Edit CAS3 + VIN, ISN, and keys
  • Edit CAS4, CAS4 + VIN, and ISN
  • Edit mileage for BMW instrument clusters

Repair BMW FRM

The BMW E series has a serious problem with FEM, the data is easily corrupted.
With Hexprog, you can repair FRM 3 in one click.

Reset mileage in protected EEPROMs such as M35080, M35160, 080D0WQ, and 160D0WQ, the process takes a few seconds

Reset key for many brands like Audi, BMW, MINI, Porsche, Toyota, Fiat, Renault...etc.

Read/Write a wide range of EEPROM SOP8 memory modules.

Works in conjunction with Autohex to make keys.


HexTag And HexProg Programmer Comparison

Hextag and Hexprog both have the same functions.
The difference lies in the hardware structure, which may reflect future added performance and functionality.
The table below shows the main differences.




Microprocessor Speed

100 MHz

220 MHz

External Memory

Not Available


USB Speed

Full Speed (12Mbps)

High Speed (480 Mbps)

Power Protection



Key coil



Hardware Support For Future Functions

Almost will be supported

Sure will be supported

Hexprog Accessories

Hexprog Power Module And BDM
Essential parts, used for Ecu Cloning and BDM functions
Hexprog OBD Cable
This cable is used for ECU and TCU Chip tuning in Hexprog
Hexprog MPC Module
Used for Ecus have MPC55X and MPC56X Microcontrollers
Hexprog Jtag Module
Used in Boot Mode function for a wide range of Ecus/Tcus
Hexprog EEPROM Module
Used for EEPROM rest, read, and write functions
Hexprog Key Reader Module
This module is used for reading the EE contents of keys

BDM read/write Built in Editors OBD Chip tuning On Bench Chip Tuning BMW ISN reading Repair BMW FRM

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