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Frequency: 312 / 314 / 433.58 / 434.42 MHz Frequency Switchable Version Of FT11-H0410C



Status Genuine
OEM Part Number FT02-PH0440B
Transponder Chip ID 8A, Toyota-H
Frequency 312MHz, 433MHz, 434MHz, 314MHz
Buttons 4
Lonsdor Remote Type Smart Remote
weight 0.045 KG
Panic Button Yes
Emergency Key/blade Not Included
Unlocked Yes
Auto Start Button Not Included
Blade Profile TOY48
Keyless Go Yes


Brand Model From To
Toyota Avalon 2018 2021
Toyota Camry 2018 2021
Toyota Corolla 2018 2021
Toyota RAV4 2018 2021
KTM All all all


Function Highlights

1. OBD programming(not limited to device)
2. Repeated use after unlocking
3. Simulate 8A emergency key
4. Modify frequency & convert button type
5. Support key copy for KH100/K518 series
6. Support AKL via data collection

Case 1: Emergency start, say customer lost one working key, then he uses H0440C to collect data and generate a new working key(as a replacement of the lost one) to start the car.
1. Here if the customer wants to use 0440B to work as the blank key, since its P4: 9100AAAA, it can only support the same car model. If the car model is 9100A9A9 chip type (0410), you will need to get some type of blank key accordingly.
2. Here H0440C works like an emulator, it has no smart function, and can not work as a working key.
3. In this Add-key situation, say you have 2 original keys, now you use H0440C to add a 3rd one. There will be a remote conflict between this newly generated H0440C, and one of the original keys. cause it's by generation to replace one of the original keys. 

Case2: When all keys are lost, use H0440C to generate a working key to start the car.
Note: In case 1 & case 2, H0440C support both 0410(9100A9A9) old models and new 0440 (P4:9100AAAA) which used to requre dealer code.

You need Toyota AKL Online Calculation Activation in order to be able to use this PCB


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