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KEYDIY KD-Max KD MAX Key Unlock Remote Generator
KEYDIY KD-Max KD MAX Key Unlock Remote Generator
KEYDIY KD-Max KD MAX Key Unlock Remote Generator

KEYDIY KD-Max KD MAX Key Unlock Remote Generator

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TYPE Key Programming Tool
COLOR Gray and Blue

KEYDIY – KD-MAX – Key Tool & Remote Generator

KD-X2 is a multifunctional automatic key programmer that is very popular among locksmiths with its compact body and powerful functions.
More than just a cloning device, the KD-X2 is also capable of transcribing transponders, reading and writing to/from transponders, performing frequency testing, and generating transponders, all in a few simple steps.

The KD-X2 also uses a built-in snooping device that notifies you when you have collected the necessary ID46 and ID48 snooping data.
This key cloning tool is as small as a phone, so you can simply put it in your pocket and take it.
To avoid the power supply issue, the KD-X2 is built with a 1600mAh lithium battery, allowing you to decode hundreds of times when fully charged.

 Key Tool & Remote Generator

Introduction to KEYDIY KD-X2:

  1. Power supply: 2600 mAh lithium battery. Charging method: USB 5V / 1A
  2. With a 0.91-inch OLED display screen.
  3. Bluetooth BLE4.0 inside, work with KD mobile APP by Bluetooth connection
  4. It can work with PC software by USB-B connection, and work with IOS Android phones or tablets by OTG connection.
  5. With PS-2 interface for connecting remote controls to generate.
  6. Three functional shortcut buttons: chip identification, remote identification, and frequency detection.
  7. Free activation of 96-bit and 48-bit transponder versions (no code required)

 Chip Reader / Frequency Tester Mutil-functional Kd Best Key Max

KEYDIY KD-X2 Features:

  • No icons are required to use
  • Follow free updates
  • Compatible with most manufacturer chips in the market, such as Handy Baby, JMD, CN, VVDI, etc.
  • Copy 96-bit (only) ID48 chips (not the full range as per Keyline Mini/884 capable)
  • Works with computer software connected via USB for online functions only
  • Eliminates the need to purchase many other devices
  • Identification of the transmitter chip / to help choose the correct chip for the program
  • Remote identification to help take the guesswork out of choosing a program
  • Frequency detection can also be used to check whether the remote buttons are working properly
  • Ignition coil detection, check whether the car itself sends a signal to test the fault
  • Plus many more additions and updates are coming soon

Key Tool and Generator With 8 KeyDiy Remotes
Battery Capacity3375mAh
Normal Operating Charge~8 hours
Stand By Time7 Days
Charging Current1500mA
Screen Resolution1280*720P
Screen Dimension5"

Key Unlock Remote Generator KD Max Key Programmer KD MAX Key Unlock Remote KEYDIY KD-MAX Multi Functional Smart Device

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