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3 Buttons FCC ID: SVI-JFFGE03 Hitag 3 NCF2952X NCF2951X



Remote Type Smart Proximity
Status Genuine
OEM Part Number 95440-D4100
Transponder Chip Hitag 3, NCF2952X, NCF2951X
weight 0.065 KG
Frequency 433MHz
Buttons 3
Battery Type CR2032
Emergency Key/blade Not Included
Unlocked Yes


Brand Model From To
Kia Optima 2016 2018

Product Description
Genuine KIA Optima 2016-2018 Smart Key Remote 3 Buttons 433MHz HITAG 3 Chip 95440-D4100 (OEM) FCCID: SVI-JFFGE03

  1. This Smart Kia remote supplied with the original manufacturer packaging.
  2. This key Remote comes complete with all electronics.
  3. Compatible with: KIA Optima 2016-2018
  4. You can Check compatibility if this part fits your vehicle in case, you are not sure about compatibility of chosen part number:
    Just please, let us know full chassis number or VIN of your vehicle for checking of compatibility then we will provide you right part number

Manufacturer:  Kia (OEM)

Part Number95440-D4100

Buttons:  (4) Lock, Unlock and Trunk

Suitable Emergency Key / Blade: HU134 (BLADE NOT INCLUDED)

Type:  KEYLESS GO / Smart

Frequency: 433MHz

Transponder Chip: HITAG 3 / NCF2951X / NCF2952X
Battery: CR2032

Covered Models

KIA Optima 2016-2018

1- Before placing your order please make sure that your own key has the same Manufacturer Part Number ,shape ,blade, chip, frequency, FCC ID and buttons otherwise this product is not a best choice.

2. After you receive the Remote key You need to go to your local dealer or qualified locksmith store in order to program the key and cut the blade .
The remote need to be programmed before it will start the car and open and lock the doors remotely.



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