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BMW Locksmith Technician who is looking to have a total solution for BMW keys programming



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Brand Model From To
BMW 3 Series all all

Microtronik Autohex II BMW WVCI HW4 Diagnostic Scan Coding Programming Tool Full Package

Using this kit you can do the following:

Only with Autohex: Reading ISN in G Series:

MD1 and MG1 (MDG1) ISN read the following DME/DDE (writing is possible for some DMEs):
  • DME_840
  • DME_840H
  • DME_84T0
  • DME_860
  • DME_86T0
  • DME_880
  • DME_88T0
  • DDE803P
  • DDE832C

Only with Autohex: Read and write ISN in MD1 and MG1 F series:

MD1 and MG1 (MDG1) ISN reading of the following DME/DDE:
  • DME_83T1
  • DME_840
  • DME_841
  • DME_841H
  • DME_861
  • DME_88T0
  • DDE803

Read and write each ISN in the F string:

Autohex II reads and writes every ISN for DME/DDE in the F string:
  • EDC17C41
  • EDC17C41
  • EDC17C50
  • EDC17C56
  • EDC17C76
  • EDC17CP09
  • EDC17CP45
  • EDC17CP49
  • MEVD17.2
  • MEVD17.2.3
  • MEVD17.2.4
  • MEVD17.2.5
  • MEVD17.2.6
  • MEVD17.2.8
  • MEVD17.2.9
  • MEVD17.2.G
  • MEVD17.2.H
  • MEVD17.2.P

Read and write long ISN in string E:

Autohex II reads all ISNs for DME/DDE in series E:
  • EDC17C06
  • EDC17C41
  • EDC17C50
  • EDC17C56
  • EDC17C76
  • EDC17CP02
  • EDC17CP09
  • EDC17CP45
  • EDC17CP49
  • MSV80
  • MSV80.1
  • MSD80
  • MSD81
  • MSD85
  • MSD85Y
  • MSS60
  • MED17.2
  • MEV17.2
  • MEV17.2.2
  • MEVD17.2
  • MEVD17.2.2
  • MEVD17.2.7
  • MEV1746
  • MEVD17.2.4
  • MEVD17.2.5
  • MEVD17.2.9

Read most of the old ISN's in Series E:

The Autohex II ISN for DME/DDE in Series E reads:
  • EDC16C1
  • EDC16C31
  • EDC16C35
  • EDC16CP35
  • ME9
  • ME9.2
  • ME9.2.2
  • MEV9.2
  • MSV70
  • MS45

Individual programming of any Ecuadorian protocol (DOIP protocol)

Autohex II is the most advanced BMW programming tool


With Autohex II, you can read and write the ISN of all CAS versions in the E and F series.

Read ISN of every Traciore DME/DDE via boot mode

This function is important when DME/DDE does not respond, and ISN needs to be replaced


You can reset the EWS security of all BMW E series EGS by OBD

BMW F series EGS EWS Reset for 6HP and 8HP

You can reset EWS in EGS 6HP (on the seat) and 8HP by OBD or on the seat

BMW E series, F series, and G series Auto Coding

Autohex II automatically calculates the required coding data from the vehicle order of the vehicle and then applies this data to the target unit

Manual coding in E series and F series.

You can modify the economic coding to add and remove features in any BMW vehicle control unit

Vehicle Order Management (FA) in BMW vehicles

You can modify the vehicle request to change the configuration.
You can also backup and restore FA from the backup ECU

E and F series key programming.

CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4, CAS4+, FEM, and BDC are supported by Autohex II, this includes if you lose all keys

Unlock security from CAS4, CAS4+, FEM, and BDC

You can unlock CAS4/4+, BDC, and FEM security to be able to:
  • Change CAS, BDC, FEM VIN
  • Change CAS, BDC, FEM ISN
  • Mileage reset for CAS, BDC, and FEM
  • Key making for CAS, BDC, and FEM

Read and write ISN bench for MSX8X

With Autohex II, you can read ISN for MSD80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD85Y, MSD87, and MSV90 in E/F Series on the bench without opening the ECU.

Hextag chip tuning tool included

Hextag is a powerful tool for ECU cloning, chip tuning, reading/writing all CAS versions, and key/EEPROM reset, Hextag:
  • Reproduction/tuning for a wide range of brands. This job is free for 30 days
  • Read and write CAS 1,2,3,4 and 4+ EEPROM and FLASH 100% securely
  • Read and write other modules from BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and other BDM protocol
  • Adjust KOMBI (instrument cluster) mileage
  • FRM repair for BMW in one click
  • Renew all keys for BMW and many other brands

What you missed in this package:

BMW E Series, F Series, and G Series online ECU programming and manual coding (can be ordered later)

What did you get:

  • Autohex II WVCI HW 5 device.
  • BMW Standard License.
  • BMW Online Programming License.
  • BMW key programming license.
  • ISN Boot Mode License for BMW.
  • BMW ISTA/D dealer driver software.
  • 1 year of technical support.
  • One-year hardware warranty.

autohex ii bmw full package

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