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PCF7946A ID46 HITAG2 PCF7946 Aftermarket Brand



Remote Type Flip Key Remote
Status Aftermarket
Transponder Chip PCF7946A, ID46 HITAG2 PCF7946
Frequency 433MHz
Buttons 3
Panic Button No
Emergency Key/blade Included
weight 0.057 KG


Brand Model From To
Alfa Romeo All all all

Alfa Romeo Mito Delphi BSI Type Flip Remote Key 3 Buttons 433MHz

Discover the Alfa Romeo Mito Delphi BSI Type Flip Remote Key, featuring 3 buttons and operating at 433MHz. This aftermarket brand remote key is designed for compatibility and ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Remote Type: Flip Key Remote
  • Transponder Chip: PCF7946A, ID46 HITAG2 PCF7946
  • Frequency: 433MHz
  • Buttons: 3
  • Panic Button: No
  • Emergency Key/Blade: Included


  • Status: Aftermarket
  • Weight: 0.057 KG


This flip key remote is suitable for Alfa Romeo Mito models equipped with Delphi BSI. Ensure compatibility with your vehicle before purchase.


Ideal for replacing lost or damaged remote keys, providing convenience and peace of mind. The included emergency key/blade offers additional security.


Professional installation may be required to ensure proper functionality. Consult with your local automotive locksmith or service center for programming.

Enhance your Alfa Romeo Mito's remote access with the Delphi BSI Type Flip Remote Key. Order yours today for reliable performance!

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