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Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro Bypass Cable ADC2017 for NISSAN Rouge - Sentra - Juke - Qashqai ADS2326 - D755649AD



OEM Part Number D755649AD
weight 0.5 KG


Brand Model From To
Nissan all all all

Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro ADS2326 - KEY PROGRAMMING for NISSAN 2022 Code D755649AD for Rouge, Sentra, Qashqai, and Juke 

Advanced Diagnostics is pleased to announce the release of a unique proximity key programming solution for popular Nissan* models including the Qashqai* and Juke Nissan * The ADS2326 software requires the ADC2017 cable which connects directly to the Body Control Module (BCM) of the vehicle.
The Renault Bypass cable works with Smart Pro software and Advanced Diagnostics ADS2325 to duplicate the proximity switches of recent Renault* Clio, Captur, and Zoë models.
Note: For Smart Pro only


What does the Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro ADS2326 do?

D756299AD software programs for Proximity keys for select recent Nissan models, some even if all keys are lost.
All keys will be erased before new keys are programmed.
The software bypasses personal security code and remote control and transceiver software at the same time.

To complete the procedure, a new ADC2017 cable is required.
Unlike other solutions, the ADC2017 cable connects directly to the BCM (Body Control Module) without the need for further intervention in the vehicle.

What does a Renault bypass cable do?

The bypass cable allows locksmiths to safely program new proximity keys for Renault Clio V, Captur II, and Zoë models from 2019 onwards.
The cable connects the Smart Pro Key Programmer directly to the vehicle's body control module (BCM) bypassing the secure gateway module.
The two 40-pin male and female connectors plug directly into the BCM while the two 16-pin connectors are used to connect the Smart Pro Key Programmer to the OBD vehicle if power is needed.

No need for further intervention in the vehicle.

Software Applications Nissan* ADS2326
Renault Captur20192022Proximity Key
Renault Zoë20192022Proximity Key
Renault Clio20192022Proximity Key
Juke Nissan
2020Proximity Key
Nissan Qashqai20212022Proximity Key
Nissan Rogue20212022Proximity Key
Sentra Nissan20202022Proximity Key
Nissan Pathfinder
2022Proximity Key
Mitsubishi Outlander
2022Proximity Key
New UPDATE KEY PROGRAMMING for NISSAN 2022 new UPDATE release Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro

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