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Orange 5 Download and installation Software

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ImmoHPX Installation Guide:

Personal Backup Archive

Download and extract your personal archive by constructing a link from the template:


Where XXXX-XXXX represents the last nine symbols of your personal Orange-5 serial number. The password of the archive is the device's full serial number.

Example: If Orange-5 serial number is : 1111-2222-3333-4444-5555-6666-7777-8D1A

Then link is: https://www.scorpio-lk.com/immov10/7777-8D1A.rar

Within the extracted folder are two items:

  1. File 3-O5Immo.cfg
  2. Folder “O5IMMO”

Installation procedure:

  1. Open the Orange-5 base software directory (where orange.exe is located) and paste 3-O5Immo.cfg within it.
  2. Then open folder HPL and paste it from the archive Folder O5IMMO.
  3. After that ImmoHPX functions can be accessed from Orange-5 software: Select Type->Configuration->3-O5Immo
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