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universal TPMS sensor CGSULIT TS01 315 and 433 MHz 2-in-1 su
universal TPMS sensor CGSULIT TS01 315 and 433 MHz 2-in-1 su
universal TPMS sensor CGSULIT TS01 315 and 433 MHz 2-in-1 su

Universal TPMS Sensor CGSULIT TS01 315 and 433 MHz 2-in-1 support replace 2500+ original car sensor

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Universal TPMS Sensor CGSULIT TS01 433&315MHz 2in1 Support 2500+ Original Car Autel MX Sensor

TMPS Sensor Product Description

  1. Highest grade material for Better Performance and Reliability - This pressure tire sensor is the built-in automotive-grade battery for severe weather conditions use.
    High-duty aluminum alloy ensures will never be deformed, and provide better performance
  2. Frequency 2in1- Cgsulit TS01 programmable TPMS sensor universally fit both 433MHZ and 315MHZ frequency vehicles system
  3. 98% Vehicles Coverage - Cgsulit pressure tire sensor is interchangeable for rubber or metal sensor stem.
  4. It can replace 98% original OE sensor of the American vehicles

TMPS Sensor Product Details

  1. 98% Vehicle Coverage: Featuring the latest and most comprehensive coverage of 98% OE sensors on the market, and up to 90% of North American, European and Asian vehicles, it nearly fits all types of wheels on the road.
  2. Easy to Use: The maximum sensor signal strength allows sensors to be easily programmed wirelessly even when It is pre-installed on the wheel.
    Moreover, the unique PRESS release valve design makes the manual sensor replacement is much easier.
  3. Superior Design: The unique PRESS release valve design makes the manual sensor much easier replacement.
    Also, it allows easy stem removal from sensor heads and is easily programmed wirelessly even when It is pre-installed on the wheel.
  4. Dual Frequency: Only 1 Sensor (315 + 433MHz) to service nearly every TPMS equipped vehicle to lower repair cost and to have higher install efficiency with no relearning required.
    It is 100% clone-able with the original sensor ID and put in the same position.
TMPS Sensor Product Details

TMPS Sensor Product Usage

How to install the Sensor TMPS in a car:

Installation Guide
  1. Connect the sensor body and valve stem at a suitable angle (usually used the maximum angle of 30°)
  2. Remove the screw nut from the valve stem.
  3. Move the valve stem through the edge hole with the sensor on the inside of the rim.
  4. Assemble the screw nut back on the valve stem with 4.0 Nm power, then tighten the cap

TMPS Sensor CGSULIT TS01 Specifications

Battery Life: ≥5 years
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +125°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +150°C
Operating Humidity: 90%
Operating Frequency: 433 MHz/315MHz
Pressure Monitoring Range: 100 to 900 kPa
Pressure Reading Accuracy: ±10 kPa
Temperature Reading Range: -40°C to +125°C
Temperature Reading Accuracy: ±5°C
G Sensor Reading Accuracy: ±15%
Transmission Power: 5-8 dBm
Battery: 3.0 V
Dimensions (W x H x D): 55.1 mm x 29.4 mm x 21.8 mm (Clamp-in Sensor)
Weight (Without Valve): 18.5 g (Clamp-in Sensor)

TPMS Sensor Package Includes:

- 4 pc x CGSULIT 433/315 MHZ 2 IN 1 TPMS Sensor
- 1 pc x User manual


1. The TPMS sensor assemblies are replacement or maintenance parts for vehicles that have a factory-installed TPMS.
2. Make sure to program the sensor by CGSULIT sensor programming tools for your specific vehicle make, model and year before installation.
3. Do not install a programmed TPMS sensor in damaged wheels.
4. In order to guarantee optimal function, the sensor may only be installed with original valves and accessories provided by CGsulit.
5. Upon completion of installation, test the vehicle TPMS systems using procedures described in the original manufacturer's user guide to confirm proper installation.
6. Each time a tire is serviced or dismounted, or if the sensor is removed or replaced, it is mandatory
  • To replace the rubber grommet, washer, nut, and valve core with our parts to ensure proper sealing.
  • It is mandatory to replace the sensor if it is extremely damaged.

Universal TPMS Sensor CGSULIT TS01 Support Car List

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