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Xhorse XDNP16 KVM Solder Free Adapter Special for Land Rover for the VVDI Prog, Mini Prog, and Key Tool Plus programming devices



OEM Part Number XDNP16
Compatible with Manufacturers Xhorse
Compatible devices VVDI Mini Prog, VVDI Key Tool Plus, VVDI Prog
weight 0.15 KG

Xhorse XDNPP16CH Adapter Solder-free for Landrover VER1.1 work with MINI PROG/KEY TOOL PLUS

Xhorse XDNP1 Description

Xhorse adapters for MINI PROG and KEY TOOL PLUS are set for solderless programming
And optional additional adapters for Mini Prog and Key Tool Plus programming devices This set includes adapters for Land Rover

This Xhorse VVDI Solder-Free Adapter allows you to easily perform complex programming tasks on Land Rover KVM chips,
Increasing the power of your Xhorse programming tool by eliminating the need to remove the chips from the PC board,
You can program directly to the chipset without iron Welding or other "old-fashioned" tools typically found in a full bench setup.

Xhorse XDNP16 LANDROVER Adapter Package:

1pc x XDNP16 solder-free adapter for LANDROVER

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