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Optional extra adapter for Mini Prog and Key Tool Plus Programmers to read out solderless BMW CAS3 data



OEM Part Number XDNP11GL
Compatible with Manufacturers Xhorse
Compatible devices VVDI Mini Prog, VVDI Key Tool Plus, VVDI Prog
weight 0.15 KG


Brand Model From To
BMW all all all

Xhorse VVDI Adapter XDNP11 Solder-Free For BMW CAS3/CAS3+

XHORSE XDNP11GL VVDI BMW CAS3/CAS3+ Solder Free Adapter Description

VVDI XDNP11 is BMW Adapter Cas3 / Cas3 + XDNP11GL for work without soldering for Xhorse programmers without soldering
Xhorse XDNP11GL is used to make CAS3 / CAS3 + BMW modules with solder-free adapter
And an ideal choice for users who have a job 50-70 miles away from a rework station.

Xhorse XDNP11 Programmer Support:

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad XDKP00EN Programmer
Chip programmer Xhorse MINI PROG
VVDI Prog BMW + DB15-DB25 Cable

XDNP11 CAS3 / CAS3+ Solderless Transformer Reviews

Clint 1 Review:
Several Cas3 units have been made with a seamless adapter and no problems.
You have to take time to clean and prepare all points on the unit (about 5 minutes).
Sometimes it isn't easy to connect the adapter correctly but it is definitely worth it.
Clint 2 Review:
I just used it on cas3++ it worked, but it took a lot of tweaking and cleaning to get the connection.
Next time I'll have to do some deep cleaning first
Clint 3 Review:
Soldering ordinary cable could be easy and risk-free, but now when you have a job 50-70 miles away from a rework station, adapters come in handy.

XHORSE BMW Adapter XDNP11 Package:

1pc x Xhorse XDNP11 CAS3/CAS3+ Solder-Free Adapter for BMW

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