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Xhorse Condor XC-002 - VVDI MB BGA Tool Device
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Xhorse Condor XC-002 - VVDI MB BGA Tool Device
Xhorse Condor XC-002 - VVDI MB BGA Tool Device

SPECIAL OFFER! 2-In-1 Package Xhorse Condor XC-002 Manually Key Cutting Machine + VVDI MB BGA Key Programming Tool Device with 1 Year Free Token

1699 $ 2893 $ 1614.05 € 2748.35 €

Available in KSA
Sorry, this product is currently out of stock.
TYPE Key Programming Tool Device / Key Cutting Machine
COLOR Gray and Black

Bundle Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TooL and Xhorse CONDOR XC-002 Key Cutting Machine with 1 Free Token Everyday Forever and 1 Year of Unlimited Tokens

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL Function Introduction:

  • Support BE key, read password, and prepare new key via IR.
  • Support NEC V051, V057 on board get password
  • All NEC keys support built-in writing and erasing
  • Password Calculation: Support BGA key, NEC key (including 51.57 version), etc., work fast.
  • Support the renewal of EIS and ELV
  • Support EIS and ELV writing
  • Support online generation of key file
  • ELV unlocks function will be available soon.
  • Renew other control modules functions will support soon

 Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TooL Including BGA Calculator Function

Top Reasons to Get Xhorse Condor Key Machine XC-002 Key Cutting Machine:

  1. Precision-machined high-strength aluminum die-cast chassis
  2. Convenient and practical ergonomic handle design
  3. Patented rotating clamp design accommodates many different key types
  4. Modular components for easy disassembly and maintenance
  5. Renishaw line detection system, column cross guide rail

Key Features of Condor XC 002 Xhorse Key Machine Cutting:

  • Minimalism streamlines design.
  • Ultra-strong aluminum alloy die-casting with superior texture.
  • Convenient and practical ergonomic handle design.
  • Patented rotary clamp design suitable for multi-key blanks and blades
  • The rough bearing guided running track ensures easy operation.
  • Modulated components for easy disassembly and maintenance.
  • DMG CNC machining.

Condor Machine XC-002 Key Cutting Machine Specification:

Input voltage220VAC
Input frequency50Hz
Package DimensionsL595xW550xH375mm
Machine DimensionsL298xW445xH525mm
Spindle Speeds8000-10000rpm
Noise Decibel77DB
Working Temperature0-50℃
Net Weight23KG
Gross Weight28KG

Top 6 Reasons to Buy VVDI MB Tool:

  1. VVDI MB Tool Language: English, Polish, Spanish (will add more in future)
  2. VVDI MB Tool latest version: 5.1.1
  3. Fastest Benz password calculation speed.
  4. High-quality professional design.
  5. Supports all key lost: W210, W204, W207, W166, W230, W246, W212, W212 (old), some W216, W164 2009- and some others.
  6. Support FBS4 disable key function (other function-> FBS4 disable key) - Support W166/W205/W213/W218/W222/W246 type.
Important Notes
  • If you have (Condor Dolphin, Condor MINI Plus, or IKEYCUTTER CONDOR XC-007 Master or IKEYCUTTER CONDOR XC-MINI Master), you can get a free password once a day.
    Tokens will be needed for the second or third calculations.
  • You can buy tokens for VVDI MB BGA tool password calculation from us.

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL Functions:

Read Write Key:

ID key, IR read-write BE key, read v51, v67 version key password by NEC adapter, Read activate blank BGA key (OCF4), current key HASH (repair), renew, write to used NEC key, write smart key, etc.

Password Calculation:

OBD read and calculates all (FBS3) can protocol the EIS password, support BGA key, NEC key, v51, v57 version password calculation, support all key lost W164, W216, W166, W209, W211, W212, W246, W212 (old), W204, W207, etc., online calculation key password

ESL Tools:

OBD (Kline) Read Data, Renew ESL, Replace ESL (No Need Renew EIS), Check ESL Damage, Repair W204 ESL

Read/Write Gateway:

Support OBD KM Repair: W204, W207, W212, W251, W164, W211, W221, W216, W166.W172, W232, W205, etc.
Support read and write EEPROM and FLASH gate: W211/W/164/W204/W207/W212/W221/W216 etc.

EIS Tools:

Read 8 write ES by OBD or ROBD auto-detection, access to W164 W209 W211 without gateway.
Read the password from the old Motorola EIS (k-line).
Renew EIS, Replace EIS, Activate Key, Deactivate Key.
Customize W204 ESL - Test ESL Status / Working Key, etc.

Prepare the Key File:

Online generation of v11, v41, and v51 key files, Motorola EIS support EPROM file, high efficiency, 1009 successfully generated

ECU / Gearbox / ISM Program:

Support ECU, Gearbox, and SM renewal write in VN, custom, etc.

VVDI Benz BGA Tool Latest Technical Details:

Note: XHORSE VVDI MB BGA Tool update goes well, the following functional models are only for reference.

IR / OBD Model Support:

  • W164, W164 2009+
  • A166, W197, W212, W218, A246
  • A169, W209, W211
  • W172, W204, A207
  • W203
  • W204, W207, W212 only by dump
  • W209 only by dump
  • W210
  • W215, W220
  • W230
  • W216
  • W221
  • W906

Supported Key Version:

  • v03, v06, v08
  • v05, v07, v09
  • v59, v61

VVDI Benz BGA Tool Package List:

  1. VVDI-MB TOOL Device
  2. IR adapter
  3. USB cable
  4. NEC 1 adapter
  5. NEC 2 adapter
  6. NEC adapter base PCB
  7. K-Line in OBD line
  8. OBD line
  9. Plastic box
  10. Cardboard box

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