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Status Used
weight 0.219 KG
OEM Part Number HPLA-19H440-BD


Brand Model From To
Land Rover Range Rover Sport all all

Used Land Rover Sport Velar Keyless Entry Control Module ECU P/N: HPLA-19H440-BD

The HPLA-19H440-BD Keyless Entry Control Module ECU is an essential component for your Land Rover Sport Velar, ensuring seamless keyless entry and enhanced security. This used OEM part, with the part number HPLA-19H440-BD, is designed to fit perfectly and function reliably.

Product Overview

This keyless entry control module is a genuine Land Rover part, providing the same quality and reliability as the original. With a weight of 0.219 KG, it is lightweight yet robust, ensuring long-lasting performance. The module is crucial for the keyless entry system, allowing you to unlock and start your vehicle without the need for a physical key.

Features and Benefits

  • Genuine OEM Part: The HPLA-19H440-BD is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part, ensuring compatibility and reliability.
  • Used but Tested: This module is used but thoroughly tested to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and safety.
  • Enhanced Security: The keyless entry control module adds an extra layer of security to your Land Rover Sport Velar, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, the module fits seamlessly into your vehicle's existing system.


The HPLA-19H440-BD Keyless Entry Control Module ECU is compatible with Land Rover Sport Velar models. Ensure you verify the part number and compatibility with your specific vehicle model before purchasing.

Why Choose OEM Parts?

Opting for OEM parts like the HPLA-19H440-BD ensures that you get the best fit, performance, and longevity for your vehicle. OEM parts are designed to the exact specifications of your vehicle's manufacturer, providing peace of mind and maintaining your vehicle's value.


Part Number HPLA-19H440-BD
Status Used
Weight 0.219 KG
OEM Part Number HPLA-19H440-BD

Installation Instructions

For optimal performance, it is recommended to have the HPLA-19H440-BD Keyless Entry Control Module ECU installed by a professional. Refer to your vehicle's service manual for detailed installation instructions and ensure all connections are secure.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have installed the HPLA-19H440-BD in their Land Rover Sport Velar have reported improved convenience and security. The module has been praised for its reliability and ease of installation.


Enhance your Land Rover Sport Velar's keyless entry system with the reliable and tested HPLA-19H440-BD Keyless Entry Control Module ECU. With its OEM quality and easy installation, it is the perfect choice for maintaining your vehicle's security and convenience.

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