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Compatible devices Tango
weight 0.01 KG


Brand Model From To
Toyota Avalon all all

Tango OBD Cable Description:

Tango OBD Cable use together with Tango Key Programmer for Toyota All Key Lost.

Download Mini VCI J2534 Cable 64 86

Tango OBD Cable for Toyota All Key Lost

  • J2534 PassThru compliant OBD2 cable for working Tango+ Toyota/Lexus software with SLK Emulators.
  • Update 1.108 of Tango programmer introduces brand new functionality for work with Toyota/Lexus vehicles equipped with SmartKey Systems via OBD.
  • The framework is implemented in Tango Toyota+ software.
  • The main objective of the software is to allow the addition of smart keys in the "all keys lost" situation by creating an emulator which allows getting permission to register new keys via diagnostic equipment.

This cable works with Tango Plus software version 6 and later for Toyota and Lexus smart keys system, it will allow you to make keys when all the keys are lost, without opening or removing anything from the vehicle, just connect it to the OBD plug and enjoy using it. 

System requirements:

Tango programmer
J2534 PassThru compliant OBD cable
SLK emulator corresponding to system type
Toyota maker software activation
SLK-0x software activation
Toyota TIS Techstream
Windows XP/7/8/10 PC/Laptop

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