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Original Lishi Tools Box Full Set 2 IN 1 Auto Pick and Decoder Kit 110 Types with Free Lishi Key Cutter



Status Genuine
weight 3 KG
Opening Tool Type Pick & Decoder

Original LS01121 Classic for Lishi 2in1 Auto Decoder and Lock Pick 102 Pieces Full Set w/ Tool Box for locksmith tool kits Supplies

Lishi Tools SET

Lishi Original (Mr.Li Tools Genuine) 2in1 Decoder and Pick is the neatest auto opener available in the world, it's a great value if you buy a complete set. Also included a great tool kit for free.

LISHI 102PCS Lock Picks SET

Lishi has 112pcs of tools at present including 11pcs for Chinese-made vehicles. The toolbox can hold 102 pcs. So you get 101 Chinese-made vehicle counting pieces, plus Lishi key cutter.

What are Lishi tools?

Original Lishi is just Mr. Li’s original tools, the name is discrimination from another like a brand – “ Genuine Lishi ”. Mr. Li, the developer, creator, innovator of all Lishi tools, has no relationship with the European “ Genuine Lishi” moment. To be Clearer, Genuine Lishi is made byMr. Li’s ex-business mate Trade locks and keys (aka. UAP Limited) stole the conception from him and patented it stateside or some gibberish. The bones with the logo of Mr. Li are genuine. The ones with the Genuine lishi key logos are the knock-offs.

What is a Lishi?

Original Lishi Tools had around “ Lishi” totem on each tool before 2014, and latterly, Mr. Li’s face was engraved in it. Please always look for Mr. Li’s face totem for a guaranteed original Mr. Li product. Original Lishi Tools is the most effective way to unleash and decode vehicle locks and keys whilst at the scene. The tools we supply are from the original manufacturer, ensuring quality and supply are guaranteed. There are presently further than 120 tools available. Professionals All over the world formerly use Mr. Li’s vehicle opening tools moment, Original lishi key always makes their job so much easier.

LISHI 102PCS Tool Box SET List:

NO.LISHI modelCar Model
1HU43 (ignition)Opel. Daewoo. Horton. Pontickik. Chevrolet. Toyota
2HU49 (ignition)Volkswagen Series. Jetta. Jetta King. Santana. B4. Audi 100. Old Red Flag. Golf
3HU46 (Ignition)Opel, Andra, Sail, Daewoo General
4HU56Volvo Mitsubishi S40 (before 03)
5HU58 (ignition)Morgan BMW old model outer milling four tracks
6HU64 (Ignition)Mercedes-Benz Chrysler Maybach Lawrence Carlson
7HU66 (Ignition)Bugatti Lamborghini. Porsche Bentley Volkswagen. Audi Skoda. SEAT. Roewe 550. Great Wall C30. China FSV.
Junjie. Zhongtai ZC300 Jiangling Nuosheng
9HU83 (ignition)old sign 307 new 508
10HU87Suzuki series. New Alto. Swift. Tianyu. Jimny Vitra, etc.
11HU92 (Ignition)BMW Land Rover MINI MG3 7 HUF Rolls Royce Inner Milling Two Tracks 10 years ago 5 Series 7 Series
12HU100 (Ignition)Cadillac Opel Weidayat New GL8 New Regal, Cruze, Buick Hideo. Monday. Bumblebee. Love Only Europe Beiqi Yubao X25 Great Wall H8H9H2 GMC New LaCrosse
13HU101 (Ignition)Ford Jaguar Land Rover Freelander Volvo XC60 S40 V40 Fox Carnival. New Mondeo wins Max Sic Bo Chery New Lincoln
14HU100R (Ignition)New BMW Rolls-Royce 2010 Internal Milling Deep Keyhole Narrow 10 Years After 5 Series 7
15HYN11Modern series. Elantra. Tucson Kia series. Cerato
16HYN7RModern series. Kia series. Sonata.
17HY15Modern series. Yuxiang. Lingxiang, etc. Kia series. k2, etc.
18HY16Modern series. New Yuetiao. Kia series. Freddy flat milling lion running
19HY17Hyundai Accent.
22HY22 (ignition)Hyundai. Kia Lingxiang Lion Run Zhixuan IX35 30. Rena Lang Lang K5 Sorento Furui Great Wall H5 Baojun 630
24NSN1101d Nissan, Blue Duke (with shoulders), old Subaru
25NSN14Nissan series. Nissan. Scorpio. Tiida. Converse. Infiniti. Subaru
26HON66 (ignition)Honda (Ai Lizhen CR-V Platinum Core Civic Odyssey Accord Fit Feng Fan Songs). Acura. Concept Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi. BYD F6. Great Wall H6
27DAT17Subaru Legacy Forester Impreza Chi Peng Outback
28TOY2Toyota Tokaj Rika Crown New 4500 4700 New Sequoia and other Toyota SUV off-road New Reiz BYD Inner Milling BYD Speedy
29TOY (2014)Corolla after 2014. New Vios
30TOY40Ling Zhi. Toyota. Mitsubishi
31TOY4301d Toyota 8-tooth fragment (No. 4 and No. 7 teeth are fragmented)
32TOY43ATToyota Series. Camry. Reiz. Corolla. Corolla
33TOY43RSubaru XV. Great Wall, beautiful. Imported old Toyota. 09 Harvard H6 flat milling Subaru
34TOY48 (Ignition)Lexus. Toyota. New Subaru Crown Lexus
35VA2T (ignition)Sign. Citroen logo 307. 408. 307CC. Citroen Sega, Triumph Mercedes-Benz
36NE72 (Ignition)Peugeot 206. 207. Citroen C2.07 Picasso
37NE78 (Ignition)Peugeot
38NE66 (Ignition)Volvo Neiman Valeo S80
39MIT11Mitsubishi series. Southeast series. Domestic cars such as the Big Dipper. Chrysler Dodge. Shunfeng. Baojun
40MAZ24Mazda series southeast seahorse
41CY24Chrysler series. 300C. Cruiser. Cherokee Dodge. Jeep series. EAGLE. IWC. Downwind. New Maserati smart 14 Fiat Philippine, the latest Lincoln
42F038 (ignition)Ford Series. Sharp. F150. Wing Tiger. Lincoln. Mustang.
44CH1Jing Cheng. Copic Halley
45DWO4RBuick series. Excelle. GL8, etc. Chevrolet series.
46YM28 (ignition)Opel. Horton. Lotus (Lotus). Vaux. YMOS. Show
47YM30 (Ignition)Saab
49GT15Fiat series. Palio Weekend style. Old Ferrari. Alvor Romeo Fiat. Lancia
50SIP22Fiat 500. Alfa Romeo Maserati Iveco Lancia GAO Fick
51Renault v.2Renault Megane scenery Koleo
52LAGUNA3Samsung Reno Laguna
53GM37American car Hummer Angkor Lacrosse Cadillac GMC Caddy / LaCrosse Flat milling 10 teeth
54GM39GL8. Laojunwei Buick
55KW14 direct readingKawasaki motorcycle
56NE38(USA Australia) Honda, Ford, MG, MINI, Nissan, Land Rover
57NE71R(USA Australia) Honda, Luofu
58MITS (GM15 19)Mitsubishi series. Domestic vans such as Wuling Hafei
59TOY38RHafei. Xiali. Daewoo. Zhongtai
60GEELYGeely Panda. Emgrand
61BT01Pentium B70. B50
62B111General Motors, Hummer, GMC,
63WT47TSAAB New Sic Bo
64HON58RHonda Acura Houghton Isuzu
67SSY3South Korea Ssangyong
69YM15Mercedes Dodge
70KY14Kia, South Korea
71HON70 direct readingHonda Motorcycle
72TOY43 ignition01d Toyota 8-tooth fragment (No. 4 and No. 7 teeth are fragmented)
73NSN14 ignitionNissan series. Nissan. Tianzhu. Tiida. Converse. Infiniti. Subaru
74TOY43AT ignitionToyota Series. Camry. Reiz. Corolla Corolla
75MIT8 ignitionMitsubishi series. Domestic vans such as Wuling Hafei
76MIT11 ignitionMitsubishi series. Southeast series. Domestic cars such as the Big Dipper. Chrysler Dodge. Shunfeng. Baojun
77Special for MAZ24Mazda series southeast seahorse
78HYN11 ignitionModern series. Elantra. Tucson Kia series. Cerato
79YH35R direct readingYamaha Moto
80sz14 direct readingSuzuki motorcycle
81HU162T 9The new Volkswagen 2016 new Skoda nine teeth Jia Brigade, high seven side teeth left slot
82HU162T 10New Audi 2016 models ten teeth 2016 new BMW Audi tt. 27. and a4 2015 magician right slot
83VA6 four-mastRenault Citroen logo 15 years later smart four tooth depth
85HU39Big Mercedes
86VAG20152015 new Volkswagen 8 teeth imported golf travel version 15 years later, the current domestic car
87MAD 2014New Mazda
88MITS/MIT6old Mitsubishi
89HAIMAHippocampus Inner Milling China Zhongtai Cloud 100 Z100
90HU66 readingVolkswagen before 2002, do not need to open direct reading
91CHANGANChangan internal milling
92QIRUIChery E3 Jianghuai internal milling
93BQ SBBeiqi Haobao Ruihu
94BW9MHBMW Motorcycle End Milling
95DAT12RHino big goods and NSN11 tools are the opposite
96BAOJUNBaojun 560 330 730
97SX9Shenlong Fukang
98VAC102 ignition dedicatedRenault flat milling
99YM23Smart flat milling
100HU71Land Rover, Staniya Heavy Truck
101K5Korean car

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