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Remote Type Flip Key Remote
OEM Part Number NB10
weight 0.045 KG
Buttons 3
KeyDiy Remote Type NB Wireless Series


Brand Model From To
Honda Insight all all

Universal KeyDiy Flip Remote Key NB Series with 3 Buttons: Lock, Unlock, Trunk - Style: Honda - PART NUMBER: NB10 3

KeyDiy Universal NB Honda Flip Key Remote Description

  • KEYDIY remotes are universal remotes with unlimited applications.
  • KD universal remote can replace your car remote, car Flip key, and garage remote
  • The KEYDIY remote database is updated every week, and more keys are also added
  • KEYDIY NB universal remote controls
  • KEYDIY NB-Multi remotes support all NB remotes and come with a built-in transponder chip for remote control with 46 transponder chips
  • NB02 Support Car List: Peugeot 206, 307, 408, Citroen C2, C4, C5 - for New Buick Regal, Buick Lacrosse GL8 - Honda Civic, New CRV Fit - Renault, Opel, and others.
  • It would help if you programmed it with a qualified locksmith with a KD machine
  • High quality that worked like the original.

KD NB NB10.3 Honda Universal Key Remote Specifications

Manufacturer: KeyDiy KD
KeyDIY Remote Series: NB Series
Style: Honda
Part Number: NB10-3
Buttons: (3) Lock, Unlock, Trunk
Type: Remote Key Flip
Battery: CR 2032 Battery

 KEYDIY B NB Series KD Universal Remote Car Key KeyDiy KD Universal Remote NB Series Type UNIVERSAL

  • KeyDiy Remotes are universal and compatible with many car key/remote models.
  • Car software to present to remote programming devices such as KD X2, KD900, KD900Plus, KD200, and KD Mini, KEYDIY KD-MAX is loaded.
  • Then we are presented with the car we want to give as if we were presenting the original Remote/Key.
  • The procedure may vary depending on the car we want to introduce, it is introduced with the diagnostic device via OBDII or with the manual procedure.
  • KeyDiy universal controls consist of
    3 Types :

KeyDiy Series B

  • The control system is a separate immobilizer system.
  • There is no coil, antenna, or transponder chip on the remote.
  • Only the remote control is introduced into the vehicle.
  • The transponder chip is placed outside the remote control.

KeyDiy NB Series

  • The control and the immobilizer system are together.
  • There is a coil/antenna on the remote, so an external transponder chip is not placed.
  • KeyDiy NB series controllers consist of 6 different models.
  • These KEYDIY NB-ATT36 are used for old-model Peugeot, Citroen, and Honda remotes.
  • KEYDIY NB-ATT46 is used for VW Touareg, Bentley, and RNLT Pcf7946 CPU controls.
  • KEYDIY NB-ATTKL is used for Crysler, Jeep, and Dodge control.
  • KEYDIY NB-ETTGM OPL is used for Chevrolet orders.
  • Used for Honda controls with KEYDIY NB-XTT Pcf7961 processor.
  • KEYDIY NB-MULTI Used for all NB series controllers.

KeyDiy ZB Series

  • Only the software is loaded with the KD-X2 Controller Programming Device.
  • It is used for hands-free commands (keyless system).
  • ZB series controllers are divided into two:
    • KEYDIY ZB Smart Remote Controls
    • KEYDIY Smart Clock

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