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Status Genuine
weight 0.03 KG
Opening Tool Type For Residential, For Cars

Original Lishi Key Cutter Door Lock Opener Locksmith Car Key cutting plier Tool Auto Key Cutting Machine Locksmith Tools Cut Flat Keys Directly

This tool is a Non-Slip Rubber Handle that has been made of alloy with a structure of turning between racks and gears and can be used to cut flat keys directly.

What are Lishi Key Cutter Pliers

This tool applies stainless steel with fine technology and sharp features to cut keys precisely, which can be used to cut auto keys, motorcycle keys, and even door keys.
It was made of alloy with a rotation structure between racks and gears and can be used to cut flat keys directly. It is sharp and durable.
When using it, the No. 1 bit key can be cut once, including (automatic keys, MOTO keys, and even door keys).
In addition, there is the graduation: 0.5-0.6 (mm) and the center line on the front of the cutting.
So locksmiths don't need to use other tools when working.
No matter anywhere, anytime, it can be used.
So, it not only brings convenience to the locksmith's work but also saves him much more time.

Key Cutter Pliers Tool Auto Key Cutting Machine

Reasons To Buy Lishi Key Cutter Pliers

Original Lishi Key:
our original key cutter is made of durable aluminum alloy with a smooth surface.
The original Lishi keyed CNC machine has been tested and approved by Lishi to provide you with exceptional quality.

Key Cutter Locking Tools:
Lishi pliers with cutter offer a simple and elegant cutting tool that allows you to cut on any key, while also allowing you to easily cut flat keys.

Largely Used :
the key cutting tool is suitable for a variety of keys, such as car keys, cell phones, etc.

Convenient and Easy to use:
the key cutter is easy to use, you just need to cut the key into a small part and then put it on the key, which can save you time and effort.

High-quality Performance:
the key cutter is made of high-quality ABS material, which is durable and has a long service life.

Lishi Bumpkey Cutter

If for any reason you want to make a key quickly without a machine, this Lishi key cutter will cut your key to the desired depth in no time.
You will have to file the key a bit for a nice result, but the Key Cutter is very easy to use.
With the Lishi pliers, you can make a new key yourself where you can cut small pieces of a key each time.
You can also make your own improvised bump wrench with it.
The pliers and cutters cut half a hex out of metal, if you file a few millimeters off the blade, you can very easily make a bump wrench with it.

Does Lishi Key Cutter Pliers work with Key Cutter Adapter?

This handheld tool allows someone to quickly make v-shaped cuts on many key blades in the field without the need for electricity and to do it virtually silently.
Originally designed for automotive locksmiths, this tool can also cut key blades from conventional door keys and padlock keys.

When used in conjunction with our separately available Key Cutter Adapter Guides, these can produce keys almost as quickly and reliably.

Lishi Key Cutter Pliers Package includes

1 x LISHI Key Cutter ( Not including the key )

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