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Status Aftermarket
Buttons 4
Panic Button Yes
Emergency Key/blade Included
Remote Shell Type Smart Proximity Shell
weight 0.045 KG


Brand Model From To
Hyundai All all all

Hyundai Smart Remote Key Shell 3+1 Buttons

Upgrade the functionality and security of your Hyundai with our aftermarket Hyundai Smart Remote Key Shell. This meticulously designed key shell combines durability with a sleek, user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless compatibility with a variety of Hyundai models.


  • Status: Aftermarket
  • Buttons: 4 (including a trunk button for SUVs)
  • Panic Button: Yes
  • Emergency Key/Blade: Included
  • Remote Shell Type: Smart Proximity Shell
  • Weight: 0.045 KG

Key Features:

  • Model Compatibility: Designed to integrate flawlessly with select Hyundai models, this smart proximity key shell supports vehicles equipped with advanced keyless entry systems. Please check compatibility with your vehicle model before purchasing.
  • Smart Design: The key shell features a modern, ergonomic design with 3 regular buttons for locking, unlocking, and vehicle lighting, plus an additional button for remote trunk access — perfect for SUV owners who value convenience and efficiency.
  • Panic Button Feature: Enhanced with a panic button, this remote key shell allows you to trigger an audible alarm in case of emergencies, adding an extra layer of security for you and your vehicle.
  • Emergency Key/Blade Included: Comes equipped with an emergency key blade, which provides a backup manual entry option, ensuring you’re never locked out of your vehicle, even if the battery in the remote depletes.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Crafted with precision, the key shell weighs only 0.045 KG and is made from high-quality materials to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.
  • Aftermarket Excellence: While this is an aftermarket product, it is engineered to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer's specifications, offering a reliable and cost-effective alternative to OEM replacements.

Installation and Programming:

Installation and programming should be performed by a professional to ensure that the remote functions correctly with your vehicle’s specific electronic systems. The process typically involves pairing the remote with your vehicle’s onboard computer, which can usually be done at your local auto locksmith or dealership.

Why Choose This Hyundai Smart Remote Key Shell?

Choosing our Hyundai Smart Remote Key Shell means opting for a blend of security, technology, and convenience. Whether you are replacing a damaged key or upgrading for better functionality, this key shell provides a smart solution that respects your vehicle’s integrity and enhances your daily interaction with your vehicle.

Perfect for:

  • Hyundai vehicle owners looking for a reliable replacement or upgrade for their keyless entry remote.
  • Those needing a lightweight, robust key shell with a built-in panic button for added security.
  • SUV owners who will benefit from the convenience of a trunk release button.

Enhance your driving experience with our Hyundai Smart Remote Key Shell — the smart choice for Hyundai owners who value security, functionality, and style.

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