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Garage Remote Control Command Transmitter 433.92MHz Black Type

Garage Remote Control Command Transmitter and Duplicator Gate Door Rolling Code Opener 433.92MHz Black Type



Remote Type Garage Gate Remote
Status Aftermarket
Frequency 433MHz
weight 0.045 KG

Universal Garage Door Remote Control Rolling/Learning Controller Duplicator Tool

Code Opener Remote 433.92MHz Frequency Clone Gate Garage Command Key Fob Opener Hand Transmitter Black

Universal 4-button garage door remote control Features

- Works with these rolling code remotes and fixed code remotes:
For ACM: For TX2, TX2 COLOR, TX4
For Adyx: For TE4433H BLUE, 433-HG BRAVO
For Aperto TX02-434-2, TX02-868-2 BLUE, 4025 TX02-868-2, 4022 TX02-434-2, 4020 TX-03-868-4, 4013 TX03-434-4
For APERTO (For Sommer): 4020-TX03-43

Garage Door Remote Control Attribute

Application: Home Appliances, Automatic Doors, LED products, Industrial Machinery, Special Equipment, Toys, Audio/Video Players
Product material: ABS
Signal Transmission: RF remote control
Transmission Distance: 30-100m (open area)
Product size: 50*40*10mm
Product weight: 30g
Product color: Black/Yellow
Item Name: Garage Door Remote
Material: Metal and PVC
Battery: 3V CR2032 (Battery included)
Code: fixed, rolling code
Size: 6.4cm x 3.8cm x 1.3cm/2.52" x 1.49" x 0.51" (Approx.)

Code Opener Remote 433.92MHz

Remote 433.92MHz Frequency Clone Gate Garage

An auto-scanning remote control with 280-870Mhz frequency.
Self-learning is remote...
Four buttons can store four different codes, 1 remote = 4 remotes
Face-to-face copying of most of the fixed code and part of the rolling code, compatible with 90% of the brands on the market
High stability and reliability, 100% after-sales service for the door remote control.
Good quality and 100% quality assurance result from the quality inspection door remote control in all manufacturing processes.

Garage Door Remote Control Application:

Motorcycle alarm remote control
Electric vehicle alarm remote control
Sliding gate remote control, automatic gate remote control, etc.
Ceiling fan remote control
Wherever remote control is needed

RF remote control

Remote Control Clone Remote Garage Door Description:

A replacement for fixed frequency and rolling code remote controls from 280 to 868 MHz Up to 4 different remote controls in ONE!
Each button can be programmed as a replacement for a different brand, so using a single transmitter you can control up to 4 devices from different manufacturers.

For multi-brand remote controls.
1 remote can control up to 4 different brands of remotes.

For multi-frequency remote controls.
Works for 287-868MHz fixed and rolling code remotes.
Multifunctional remote control for 1, 2, 3, or 4-button remote control

When used, it is more comfortable.
The design has been optimized based on the previous generation's products. More ergonomic and easier to use.

ABS environmental protection raw materials:
Comfortable and resistant.
All buttons adopt environmentally friendly ABS raw materials, have high elasticity, more comfortable to use.

Low power consumption remote control.
A CR2032 battery lasts 2 years.
The remote control contains batteries.
The battery can be replaced if your abnormal use causes the battery life to shorten.

Wide range of uses:
Uses: garage doors, gate doors, motorcycles, car alarm products, home security products, short-range wireless remote control products, industrial control products, alarm systems, etc.

Easy to use:
This is a clone remote, it must clone your original face-to-face remote.
If your remote is fixed code, after cloning, the new remote will work.
If your remote is rolling code, after cloning, the new remote must be programmed/activated on the receiver, and the new remote works.

rolling code remote controls

Universal Fix Rolling Gate Garage Door Remote includes:

1 garage door remote control.

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