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Car Key Disassembling Pliers Flip Key Blade Pin Remover Tool

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Status Aftermarket
weight 0.3 KG

Multifunctional fixing flip key Roll Pin Mounting Pin Removal Vice Remover Auto Remote Control Removing Disassembling Pliers Blade Pin

With this toggle key blade replacement tool, you can easily remove and install cylinder pins on different types of remote keys safely and easily.
Works on various OEM and aftermarket flip keys as well as Xhorse and KeyDIY universal remotes.

Universal Car Key Blade Pin Pliers Disassembly

The vise has 2 drive spindles of different diameters for large or small spindles.
A larger driver pin is more commonly used in flip wrenches in the United States.

 Installation Vice Tool for Flip Keys

There are small magnets on the sides next to the drive pins to catch the roll pins after removal so they don't fall out and get lost.
This vise can be used to remove broken or mid-cut flip key blades or to quickly disassemble/assemble remote keys.

PRACTICAL FUNCTION: It is used to dismantle car keys.
MATERIAL: High-quality metal material, durable and practical
ERGONOMIC COMPLIANT: Portable size, comfortable grip.
SCOPE: Universal for most car keys.
PACKAGE: A dismantling pliers and a pin.

Car Remote Key Blade Pin Disassembly Installation Clamp Details

Silver color
Material: Metal
Length: approx. 17.8 cm (7.0 inches)

Removing Tool Fixing Flip Key Vice Pin Remover

Flip Key Roll Pin Removal specifications:

According to the original factory specifications.
Matches the original perfectly.
Easy installation.
Stable characteristics, high reliability.

Flip Key Blade Pin Removal Tool Features:

Dismantling pliers and a pin.
It is used to disassemble car keys.
High-quality metal material, durable and practical.
Hand size, comfortable grip.
Universal for most car keys.

car key Split Pin Folding car key Disassembly

Toggle Wrench Blade Pin Removal Tool Specification:

Material: Metal
Clamp length: 180mm
Package Weight: 400g / 14.11oz
Package size: 230 * 170 * 50mm / 9.06 * 6.69 * 1.97in

Car Key Disassembling Plier packing list:

1 * car key disassembly clip
1 * car key disassembly pin

 Folding Key Split Pin Clamp Auto Remote Car Key

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