Autohex II BMW Locksmith



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Autohex II BMW Locksmith

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Siutable for: BMW Locksmith Technician who is looking to have a total solution for BMW keys programming   Price: USD 4700.00

Autohex II HW4 and all required features needed to program BMW keys for E and F series, solving all cases including all keys lost (HexTag is included)

Using this kit you can do following:

  • Read old ISN in BMW E series for following Ecus:D62M57A0,  D62M57B0,  D60PSA0,  D50M57A0,  D50M57E1,  D60M47A0,  D60M57A0,  MEV9N46L,  ME9N45,  ME9N62,  ME9E65_6,  N73_L0,  N73_R0,  ME9N62_2,  MSV70,  MS450DS0,  N62_TUE,  N62_TUE2.
  • Read Long ISN (SK) in BMW E series from following Ecus:  MSV80,  MSD80,  MSD81,  MSD85,  MSD85Y,  MSS60,  MEVD176K,  ME17N45,  MED17_2,  MED17_2N,  MEV17_2,  MEV17N46,  MEVD174K, MEVD174KW,  MV1722,  MVD1722,  MEVD172,  MEVD1724,  MEVD1725,  MEVD172Y,  MEVD17KW,  D70N47A0,  D70N47B0,  D71N47A0,  D71N47B0,  D71N47C0,  D71N47D0,  D72N47A0,  D72N47B0,  D73N47A0,  D73N57A0,  D73N57B0,  D73N57C0,  D73N57D0
  • Read Long ISN (SK) in BMW F series from following Ecus: MEVD172Y,  MEVD172,  MEVD1724,  MEVD1725,  N63TU_L0,  N63TU_R0,  S63TU_L0,  S63TU_R0
  • ISN Reading from Tricore Ecus by boot mode.
  • CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 and CAS3+ read and write ISN and SK
  • Key Programming For E and F series (CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4 ,CAS4+, FEM, BDC)
  • BMW E series EGS ISN matching with CAS
  • BMW F series EGS 8HP EWS Resetting
  • BMW E and F series coding for all Ecus (calculation of Ecucoding is calculated from FA)
  • Vehicle order modification and backup and restore from LM,FRM,...ETC
  • Do diagnose and service functions from Autohex II (Read and erase fault codes, data stream values, activations, reset adaptation,...)
  • Use BMW ISTA-D on Autohex II WVCI (BMW ISTA-D Driver)
  • Unlock secrity of BDC and FEM to able to: Change BDC and FEM VIN, Change BDC and FEM ISN, Mileage Reset for BDC and FEM, and making a key for BDC and FEM.
  • Read and write ISN of MSD85, MSD87, MSV90 in F series.
  • Read and write CAS 1,2,3,4 EEPROM and FLASH 100% safely using HexTag tool. Read and write other modules from BMW,Mercedes, Audi, and others BDM protocol by HexTag tool.

What you miss in this Kit:

  • BMW E and F online Ecu Programming and Manual coding  (can be ordered later)

What you get:

  • Autohex II Hardware WVCI HW 4
  • The Powerful Hextag BDM and Key Programmer
  • BMW Software Standard License
  • ISN Boot Mode License
  • Key Programming License
  • BMW ISTA/D driver to run dealer software
  • 1 year technical support
  • 1 year hardware warranty

Autohex II Packages Comparison

AHX0005 AHX0004 AHX0003 AHX0002 AHX0001 AHX0103
Online Ecu Programming
- - - -
Ecu Coding
Ecu Advanced Coding
- - - -
Read ISN DME and CAS
Write ISN DME and CAS
Read ISN From EGS 6HP
Reset EGS EWS 6/8 HP
DME ISN By Boot Mode
- -
Vehicle Order (FA) Manager
Read CAS2,3,4,4+ Flash (BDM)
- -
CAS1,2,3,4 Key Programming
- -
FEM/BDC Key Programming
- -
FEM/BDC Mileage Reset
CAS/FEM/BDC Replacment
Technical Support
Price USD 5850 USD 5000 USD 4700 USD 3850 USD 3550 USD 2350
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